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10 Easy Ways to Lose Weight

Mallika Singh ,  Onlymyhealth editorial team
Apr 25, 2012

10 easy ways to lose weight

 There are number of ways to lose weight fast, but what matters is that you know the most efficient and effective ways to lose weight. Weight loss is not always about exercising regularly or simply controlling your diet. A comprehensive weight loss programme should be a combination of the right food, adequate exercise and a set of tactics weight loss tactics that suit your body type.


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10 easy ways to lose weight:


Take the stairs

Run up and down a flight of stairs in a series of 10 as an exercise regime and drop kilos of weight in a matter of months. This exercise strains your knee and leg to a large extent and is not advisable to be followed by people having ligament tears or an artificial knee ball; it may worsen your condition.


No close parking zones

We usually tend to park our car right in front of our destination to avoid the hassle of crossing roads and walking. Instead, try and park your car at a certain distance. This will force you to walk your way to a fitter lifestyle.


Check the sides


No we aren’t talking about your loves handles; rather we are referring to the sides of a grocery store where organic food items are kept.  Avoid the central zones of grocery stores as that it the hot spot for processed foods. Consider fresh food and vegetables in your diet over processed food items.


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Maintain a food journal


This would be your food diary where you record every morsel that you consume through the day. This journal will be your best friend and you shouldn’t lie to it by concealing high fat foods you could have consumed. Your diet journal will help you keep a track of your dietary habits and make small and effective changes to your diet plan.


Cook at home

Excluding the freshness and reliability of the quality of food you consume at home, the portion of servings also makes a huge difference. The portion served in a restaurant is almost 2 to 3 times of what you consume at home.


Learn what a portion is


Many people don’t know what a normal sized serving is. It is usually the amount you can hold in the palm of your hand. Keeping this in mind will cut your calorie intake to an astonishing level.


Forget about bread

Bread is one of the most convenient options for breakfast; it saves you from cooking time consuming meals. But if you necessarily need to consume bread then opt for multi grain or wheat bread that is high in fibre. Cereal is a far better option for breakfast. Add nuts and strawberry to your bowl of cereal and enjoy your dieting.


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Say “no” to Soda


Carbonated drinks like sodas add pounds to your body owing to high sugar content. If you don’t drink soda at all you will cut down on 44,000 calories a year.


Keep the Salad Pure


Save yourself the trouble of adding mayonnaise and a host of sauces to your salad. The salad is best natural and keeps the calories at bay.




Drink a glass of water 20minutes prior to your meal. It will ensure that your stomach feels full and prevents you from over-eating.

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