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10 important books after reading which you become kind

Reading should be not only fascinating and enjoyable, but also as useful as possible. For example, some books may help to become a bit kinder and look at life differently.

We offer 10 books that will help to become kinder to any person:

  1. “Just Together”, Anna Gavalda. The book is simple, but it makes sense and makes you think about a lot. In the story, three completely unfamiliar and completely different people find themselves in the same apartment and become neighbors. Each of them has its own difficulties and deep spiritual wounds, everyone cannot find himself in this world and understand his mission. But it helped them a lot that fate brought them together in one place. Never mind that they were never friends. The troubles brought them down and made it clear that support and help mean a lot. Be sure to read this book! Perhaps you will understand that there is someone who really needs you and your support.
  2. “Kill a Mockingbird”, Harper Lee. This novel is suitable for absolutely all generations, and especially for fathers and mothers and their children. To rioting adolescents, he will make it clear how difficult it is sometimes for parents. And fathers and mothers will be able to understand that their child does not hate them at all. You just need to find the right approach, something to understand and give all your love. Literally right after the publication, the work became a bestseller and is still used as a kind of guide for good and good relations between generations. It describes completely different social strata and attitudes towards them, and also touches upon the theme of racial inequality. After reading the novel, you will understand that it does not matter to which class the person belongs, how much he earns. Much more important is what's inside. The book will teach patience, humanity and justice.
  3. "Pollyanna", Elinor Porter. And although this book is considered to be children's, you can read it at any age, it will teach everyone to enjoy the little things, to be kinder and happier. Polianna is an orphan who recently lost her only parent — her father. He left nothing but books. The girl moved to her lonely aunt, who was not very happy about this neighborhood.She is very strict and deprives Pollyanna of simple children's joys. But she sees only the best in everything that she teaches and everyone around her. You will certainly "become infected" with spontaneity, kindness and the ability to rejoice in all situations.
  4. Dandelion Wine, Ray Bradbury. To become kinder and happier, sometimes you just need to look at the world through the eyes of a child: the immaculate, not spoiled by prejudice and not knowing the cruelty of the world. And it is this opportunity that provides readers with a book. The story is conducted on behalf of a twelve-year-old boy who lives in the sunny summer and literally makes new amazing discoveries every day. But the most important discovery for the young hero was that life is a miracle and a gift. And the fact that you breathe, live and feel, cannot but surprise and delight. Having read this work at least once, you will shake off the burden of trouble and negative emotions that prevent you from enjoying what is given. And you will certainly want to re-read "Dandelion Wine" again.
  5. "Gifts of the Magi", O. Henry. This is not a book, but a short story, but it will certainly force readers to look at the world differently and let kindness into their heart. Money is not the main thing when there is love. According to the plot, the couple prepare for Christmas.But there is absolutely no money for gifts, and each spouse decides to sell the most valuable and significant things in order to please the other half and make a good gift. But in the end it turns out that the purchased gifts are no longer needed and are completely useless. But this does not prevent those in love from enjoying each other, because in their hearts live love and kindness. And this is much more important than any gifts.
  6. “The Cat Who Knows Everything”, Maria and Valentin Revnov. This is an amazing and very good story about a cat who could help his owners become a little bit happier, freer and kinder. Often we are so immersed in the daily chores and worries that we simply forget about simple, but such important trifles, do not notice them and pass by with our heads bowed. It is best to read this book with the whole family, as everyone will be able to find their own special meaning and make the most important step on the path to kindness. Adults and children will certainly understand that wealth, material wealth and other worldly joys are not at all important if the heart is empty. It is important to appreciate trust, sincerity, friendship, support and love. By the way, the authors of the book are not professional writers, but children's doctors, who were able to successfully put all their thoughts into practice.
  7. "Chicken broth for the soul", Jack Canfield, Mark Victor Hansen. In general, this is a whole series of books, and some of them are intended for certain people, for example, children, dads and moms, grandparents, fathers and even prisoners. The very first book does not have an orientation and contains 101 stories. All stories are extremely simple and can occur with everyone, from which they become even more realistic and instructive. Each story makes you think, and about something very personal and important. Surprisingly, the stories tend to heal emotional wounds, as chicken broth helps to quickly recover from a cold. Read the stories, pass them on to others. Make the world better!
  8. Fried Green Tomatoes at Polustank Cafe, Fannie Flagg. This book is simple, but it has a special meaning. According to the story, the main character Evelyn visits her old mother in the nursing home and accidentally gets to know another inhabitant of Ninny's house. Evelyn herself is experiencing not the best of times: the children have matured and parted, relations with her husband have become strained and complex. She literally loses the meaning of life, but begins to communicate with Ninni and realizes that everything is not so bad. The old woman becomes a girlfriend for the heroine, and the characters of her fascinating and instructive stories begin to fill the meaning of life Evelyn.In the end, she understands that there is still a whole half of life ahead, and if you change your attitude towards the world, others and yourself, and become kinder and more optimistic, then only the best will be ahead.
  9. "5 pounds of hope", Anna Gavalda. 35 kilos is the weight of the main character. The boy is only 13 years old, but he was in a rather difficult situation. The study is difficult, and the parents constantly swear and do not pay any attention to the son. But the hero is not discouraged, because he has a great grandfather and faith in himself and in a bright future. And although this story is simple and naive, it clearly proves to everyone that happiness is achievable, and kindness and faith will help bring it closer. Being unhappy is much easier, and some remain so. But dreams must come true! The book will help to believe in the power of loyalty, kindness and love and choose the right path in life.
  10. “Blackberry Wine” by Joanne Harris. Fairy tales are needed not only for children, but also for adults, because sometimes they help to believe in a miracle and in yourself, to become kinder and a little happier. “Blackberry wine” is a real touching fairy tale for adults. The main character is writer Jay McIntosh stuck in the past and can no longer write.But by chance he finds six bottles of blackberry wine, created once upon a time by a somewhat eccentric gardener who worked in the parents' house. But this drink is not simple, it can turn life around and help rethink a lot. Jay, trying to find his place, leaves from the misty England to air France, where he finds something that could be lost forever. This is an amazing story about magic, friendship, kindness and true sincere feelings.

Be sure to read these books to become happier and kinder. Your world can change!

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