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10 laws of monetary etiquette that are constantly violated

Incorrect questions about earnings and "carefully" presented advice on how to save money and spend money, can dislodge anyone. Money etiquette is a special science, the basics of which are often violated. It is easy to hurt and embarrass a loved one, but, even worse, to offend and not even understand it. There are at least 10 immutable rules of monetary etiquette with which it is useful to get acquainted with every adult.

Do not think that a professional friend is obliged to provide his service for free

Of course, much depends on the established relationship between two people. Nevertheless, it is incorrect and unethical to ask a friend with a request, which usually requires a monetary reward, and to wait for him to do it "for free" or "with a huge discount". For example, it may be minor repairs, fixing things and even a photo shoot. Remember: every work must be rewarded.

Do not give unsolicited advice about money

Perhaps you really know how best to manage money, where to invest it and how to spend it, and your savings are a confirmation. Nevertheless, the money of another person, even a close relative, is his money, and he is free to dispose of them as he sees fit. Teaching others is a flawed and fruitless exercise, which can also bother you with a loved one.


Don't ask other people how much they spent.

This applies not only to clothing: this includes the cost of the phone, furniture in the house, and trips to Turkey, and renting an apartment and much more. We are interested in someone else's salary already once, because we know that this issue can put in an uncomfortable position of the interlocutor. But we still care about the questioning of others' spending. If you really wonder how much this phone model costs or such a ticket to Turkey, the way out is simple - find the answer on the Internet.

Do not discuss other people's spending

This rule follows smoothly from the previous one. First, it is impolite to comment on someone else's choice. Secondly, it is ugly to do it behind his back.Finally, thirdly, one must observe boundaries when a simple conversation about money imperceptibly turns into condemnation and imposing one's point of view.

Do not be late with debt repayment

Tough times are at all. If you had to borrow from a loved one, this does not mean that you can not return the amount or delay the return for "an indefinite time."

Do not forget to pay in a cafe in honesty

To divide the account exactly "according to the number of those gathered together" is wrong and, finally, unfair. Someone could eat quite a bit and did not drink wine at all, and someone could eat three servings of the second.

Do not ignore the opinions of friends when you go to rest

It does not matter whether you are going to relax in a ski resort, on the sea, or simply decide to go to a small restaurant. Consider the financial capabilities of each company, so as not to put your friend in an uncomfortable position with no choice.

Do not lend money, if this is not the best time

It seems that now is not the best time to borrow money - the child goes to the university, but the loan is still not repaid. But what if a best friend asks? How can he refuse? In fact, it is much better to give up now than to regret about the deed and pester a friend with questions: “When will you return?”.

Do not complain about money problems to friends with a more modest salary.

Prices now and then rise, but wages do not grow. And here you are complaining to your best friend that you cannot buy the kitchen set you were counting on.


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