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20 best pictures of stars in swimsuits from Instagram

Sonya Morsikova June 20, 2017

We somehow completely forgot about the Moscow capricious weather that June is the height of the swimsuit season on the calendar! But the star girls are not only not forgotten, but already rushing, shoving pictures in bikini on Instagram. Emily Ratakovski poses on the yacht in the form of sailors; Isabelle Goulard practices headstand while the wind tickles her bra ties; Alessandra Ambrosio spectacularly floats past the sunset; Kendall Jenner spends lazy days on a sun lounger by the pool; Haley Baldwin takes surfing lessons (the title of the sexiest girl in the world needs to be supported!) ... And we have not yet mentioned the army of Victoria's Secret models, who are in a hurry to enjoy the sun between endless footage for lookbooks and advertising campaigns.

We watched the Instagram tape and selected the most beautiful pictures of stars in swimsuits.


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