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3 main mistakes that girls make in marriage

And now the beloved at the threshold meets only to pick up his own order of products from the store, he can snort that he himself is to blame, that he has been late - eat a cold dinner now. She will no longer listen to him and ask, because she herself lacks attention from him. Because she spent the whole day dealing with children and cleaning the apartment. As a result, both harden, get fat, are looking for flirting on the side, sulking, offended, like children who have not divided the bucket in the sandbox, and therefore move away from each other even more.

Of course, both are to blame, and we'll talk about his fault. In the meantime, let's discuss the most common mistakes that we, girls, make in marriage.

Mistake number 1: put children in first place

They waited together, they both wanted, their palms on their stomachs folded and smiled when they received reciprocal pushes. The first steps and teeth that fell out were rejoiced, they traveled to the kebabs with a stroller, and even sleepless nights and six-time night feeding did not irritate.But then she suddenly embarked on the dangerous path “to bite,” turning the child into the center of the universe, and the spouse somehow quietly pulled away, gradually becoming for her the main irritating factor. Why? Because it sticks out at work and doesn’t do anything around the house while it’s like a squirrel in a wheel: it’s not a day to sit or take a nap. And in the evening, as soon as the man touches the soles of the threshold, he is already to blame everywhere and everywhere.

3 main mistakes that girls make in marriage

Another option is the mother hen. Such a hen doesn’t care where her husband is, whether he dined today or did something stupid again. In short, almost the drum. Her eternal impassable headache is the children: where they are, with whom, and whether they went to school, and whether the parents had normal parents to this strange Masha, with whom her daughter became friends, and where to buy the same white tights in a heart, but cheaper.

Mistake number 2: dramatically change the way of life

There is no sadder picture than a married girl with a ladle in her hand, who worries daily about the fate of Juanita and Pedro and is no longer interested in anything. But the hobby that covers the whole of your life, and at the same time the life of your whole family, is not any better. It is enough to look,how the worldview of athletes changes when they begin to achieve good results: sport, mode and proper nutrition become the only starting point of any act and action. And it’s good if a global problem for those around you is only fatigue from the flavor of boiled chicken to the whole office. So there are still incessant comments about others like: “Ugh, Svetochka, do you really eat this cholesterol patty ?!” Breathing next to such people is very, very difficult!

3 main mistakes that girls make in marriage

And if a wife and a mother are interested in something like this, absolutely all family members will feel the valve blocking with oxygen. Well, first of all, of course, a man, when instead of baked boiled pork, he is served an unsalted turkey for a couple with celery, they begin to actively clap on the stomach and theatrically, but artificially faint from the seen folds, like a worm. Some girls go even further: they demand to throw out all the high-tech glass with iron from the house, replacing it with wooden wicker furniture, cover the corridors with knitted “granny” blankets of variegated colors, and at the same time get a gramophone or old records, because it is anthrasive.Such insane changes should be carried away by both, otherwise it is possible to violate the boundaries of another person who is morally not ready for such changes in his life. No need to force a loved one to forcibly obey, change “for the better” or hide around the corner, silently eating a Big Mac, because next to you it is already possible to get around the tower.

Mistake number 3: lose face

In the literal and figurative sense. Of course, we all do not grow up younger and do not lose weight at will, but hiding behind a blanket “yazheterreyi” or age, with pleasure eating a roll for breakfast, is a crime against itself. “Instagram” knows mommies of two or three karapuz with a stomach more flat than the one that has not yet known the joy of motherhood, simply because they follow the rules of healthy eating, not forgetting to go on a treadmill. This is much more effective than loud vociferous demagogues about broad bones and obligations from the male side to always always like what you are or will soon be.

3 main mistakes that girls make in marriage

In contrast to the above, experiments with plastic surgery and cosmetic corrections also do not always emphasize female beauty.It is one thing to correct the breast after feeding the baby, it is quite another to cut the tiny nose, draw gipsy wide eyebrows that cut the face in half without meik, and roll the lips into dumplings so that it’s impossible to return to their usual forms. Whatever one may say, measure and harmony in everything is most appreciated, especially when you share this life with a loved one.


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