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5 interesting facts about the lawyer Angelina Jolie

On the eve of Brad Pitt, all the charges in the case of child abuse were dropped. However, Angelina Jolie does not let up, moreover - she seems to have: moved with children, does not answer calls and SMS and hired the coolest divorce lawyer in Hollywood - Laura Vasser, whose last client was Johnny Depp.

While the tabloids are trying to figure out what Brad so annoyed Angelina, let's learn more about her lawyer, the real "queen of divorces."

Fact # 1: career

Laura Wasser grew up in a family of lawyers and since 1995 she has been working in the office of her father, one of the best divorce lawyers in Hollywood.

Fact number 2: family

At 48, Laura is divorced, raising two children from different fathers and does not plan to marry. “I know all about divorces,” she says. "But I do not know anything about how to save a marriage."

Fact # 3: Customers

Clients of Laura - stars with a prosperity of not less than 10 million dollars (its hourly rate is $ 850). In addition to Jolie and Depp in her phone numbers Kim Kardashian and Britney Spears.

Fact # 4: Philosophy and Strategy

Laura is known for her ability not to bring the case to court and to hide the most juicy details from the press. As a rule, her clients reach an amicable agreement without much hype. Laura's strategy is waiting. “Take your time with the divorce,” she advises. But not at all in order to save the marriage, but in order to “save up” more business! Thus, several stellar partings will emerge in the media at once, and the interest in one pair will not be so intense.

Fact number 5: popularity

Laura was offered to become a leading television show, but the idea of ​​“lighting up” on TV does not appeal to her at all. But she did not refuse to write her own book. How to divorce, preserving relationships with your family and your wallet can be found in the publication.

We have five of the main components of Wasser's success. Although ... we have not mentioned her gorgeous smile and stunning appearance.


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