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8 of the worst things men do after sex

To mention in vain ex

Comparisons are the most disgusting “dish” in taste, which you can serve to a person in bed. It is better to accidentally drop breakfast in bed than to rush into nostalgia about how your ex woke up neighbors, scratched her back and hid tampons under her pillow.

Request a “letter of recommendation”

Some men seem not to know how romantic and blissful the moment is right after sex, and it’s not even in ourselves, but in our hormones. So to get into this physical bliss with your “Did you like it?” - it means being not particularly attentive (he didn’t notice ?!) and not too self-confident type.

Interview you on the topic of orgasm

On the one hand, the world absolutely has nothing against men who care about mutual pleasure, not “offending” their partners, but still doing it in the form of an annoying interview, and even ten seconds after the finish, is not the best the idea.

Start typing yourself a price

By the way, in a study conducted by Australian scientists on the topic of the most annoying male bloopers after sex, this point was in the first place: to praise yourself as a romping lover and say how damn lucky you were to be in the same bed with him (even if only for three minutes!).

8 of the worst things men do after sex

Discuss the figure

For men, I would like to issue a manual that will list parts of the female body that we like to discuss with our partner both before and after sex. And most likely, there will be only two words: moles and freckles.

Turn away and fall asleep

Let us suppose that if this is a marriage of ten years in length, then why not forgive such a quick shutdown for a nice person. But for all other candidates, such a scenario looks at least selfish - about how to leave in English without kissing a kiss on the cheek.

Get into the phone

Even if the candidate has not earned himself the glory of a traitor, in the sacred moment after sex, annoying little thoughts run into his head: is he not there for a girl, by chance, writes? And in general, what could be so important on the phone, that one cannot wait at least five minutes?

Suggest taking a selfie

Rumor has it that millennials are no longer interested in sex, and more in gadgets sit at night. So this seemingly blatantly ill-mannered version is quite possible, because if the millenial suddenly had sex, then he should report it to Instagram Stories!

8 of the worst things men do after sex


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