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A floating cup is a money waterfall

A soaring cup is a symbol of attracting money. The inexhaustible flow of coins visually resembles a waterfall, and in a miraculous manner, the container hanging over the saucer adds to this the product of mysticism. Maybe this souvenir is able to attract money to the house? Or maybe it's just a beautiful decoration? Everyone can decide for himself, because to make such an craft is easy even for a child or a woman, because special skills are not required when working on a product. For work we need: small coins dignity (pennies, five kopecks); spoon, fork or other vertical type of device acting as a structure holder; a cup; saucer; tape or tape (you can use a thermo gun for fixing); glue; tools.
glue and scotch
 spoon and bowl
First bend the spoon or fork with pliers (in this case it was used mini ladle, but not everyone has one) so that one part of the cutlery is bent to one side, the other, respectively,in reverse.
bend the spoon
This is the future frame of the product. It can be wrapped with electrical tape. Next, tape the upper part of the cutlery to the cup and the lower part to the saucer.
 product frame
 attach the upper part
should be stable
It is important that the parts are tightly attached - the construction tions must be stable. Then put glue on a saucer. Pour some coins there by building a slide. With the cup, repeat the same manipulations. Wait a bit until the coins harden.
 fix with scotch tape
 put glue
add some coins
Then, along the barrel of the cutlery, also glue the coins, so that there is a kind of a flowing stream of money. Now your monetary waterfall is a floating cup ready!
 cash waterfall soaring cup
You can donate this waterfall as a souvenir to someone, but you can safely put the house as an ornament. [/L_REPEAT]

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