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Autumn holidays in November 2013: rating of places for families with children

Autumn holidays in November 2013: rating of places for families with children

Autumn holidays in November 2013: rating of places for families with children

“Answer As” will give you great options on how to spend the autumn holidays with your children. Soon the first school quarter will end, and for some 7-10 days your child needs to have a good rest, having gained new strength for further studies.


Since at the present time school mental loads are very large, then the rest should be appropriate. Give your children an unforgettable autumn vacation!


In October 2013, Interfax-Tourism, together with the largest Russian online hotel reservation service Oktogo, conducted a study in which it became clear that the most popular places for recreation during the school autumn holidays among Russian citizens are the following cities: London, Riga, Paris, Stockholm and Prague.


The data is based on online requests from Russians on the Oktogo.ru website in these areas.Basically, people are interested in a trip in November of this year to one of the listed cities. The ranking also includes Kiev, Italian Turin, Finnish Turku, Helsinki and Amsterdam.


As Olga Oktyabova, an employee of Oktogo, noted, “traveling in European countries is the best option to fully relax in the autumn holidays.” It is known that in 2013, school holidays in the fall will last only 8 days (from 2 to 9 November), so you need to hurry to book tickets now, get a visa and be ready for the trip.


Rating of the best places for rest with children in November 2013


1. Perhaps the first place in the charts is Paris. This is the best option for adults and children: those and others will be equally delighted with exciting entertainment and sightseeing. For kids, the most interesting thing in the French capital is Disneyland. A huge fabulous amusement park will give them a lot of positive emotions.


If the student is an amateur of various techniques and designers, then he will undoubtedly like "La Villette Park". In this park there is a mini-city of music, a cinema, a planetarium and its most important feature - a science campus, where children and adolescents gain knowledge and perform various experiments.The Museum of Magic will also be of interest to everyone without exception, and the Paris Zoo will amaze everyone by its scale and imitation of wildlife.


2. London. What interesting things can be shown in the vast British capital to their children? Go with them to the Museum of Natural History. This is just a godsend for the naturalist! Here is presented an enormous set of plants (several tens of millions), animals, stones and minerals and much more. It is also worth a visit to the Museum of Childhood, where a large number of toys and other children's attributes are collected.


3. Stockholm may not be as well known as the first two cities, but from this it does not become less attractive. Attractions, game rooms, museums, theaters - you and your children will definitely find fascinating events for themselves. Of the main children's attractions in Stockholm, it is worth noting the zoo "Lille-Skansen", amusement park "Grona-Lund", as well as a museum dedicated to fairy tales - "Junibacken."


4. Riga attracts with its ancient urban part, observation platforms, various museums. Children will enjoy relaxing in a large water park in Riga.


5. Prague.It is considered the best budget option for the autumn holidays with children. Children will gladly ride on an old tram, visit the Labyrinth of mirrors, look at the numerous animals of the Prague Zoo.


6. Amsterdam is famous for the legendary zoo Artis, which is located next to the largest botanical garden.


7. Finally, Finland. Practically in any of its large cities you will be offered fascinating excursions through ancient streets and buildings, and children will have a great time in aqua or zoos.


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