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Balanced Nursing Mom Menu

A sample menu for a nursing mother can be made independently or seek help from a specialist. Mom and child are a single organism, that's why it's important for mom to follow her diet so as not to harm the baby. The fact that you can eat mom in the first month after birth - you will learn in this article.

Drawing up a menu for nursing mothers, it is important to think through all the nuances. A small child with mother's milk receives all vitamins and elements necessary for life, so it is very important to give him a solid foundation for the growth of a healthy body.

It's no secret that mother's milk is rich in fats, proteins, carbohydrates and vitamins. This most useful product for any organism and more valuable you will never try.

When a young mother begins to feed her baby, she must take into account the needs of two people. More often moms do think exclusively about the needs of the baby and eat only what is necessary for him. And this is not entirely true.

Childbirth is a tremendous stress for the woman’s body, so after them every mother needs to eat properly, so as not to harm her health.To avoid stress and panic, it is better to pre-work the menu. This can be done a couple of months before committing a joyful event, and after childbirth, simply correct it.

Some tips

Young mothers need to eat fresh fruits and vegetables. It is advisable to have those that grow in your area. Do not trust the beautiful fruit in supermarkets, they may be a large number of chemicals.

It is also not worth in the first month after birth to get involved in exotic fruits: papaya, mango, pineapple. Because of them, the baby may be allergic.

Without meat, mother will be difficult, so eating it is necessary, despite all the threats of doctors. Just do not get involved in kebabs and fatty meat. The best option is white boiled chicken or rabbit meat.

In the diet of mothers must be present different types of cereals: buckwheat, rice, pearl barley. Do not deny yourself the pleasure to enjoy the oil. Eggs, liver, pasta - you need to eat a must!

In order for the baby to grow without deviations, it is important that phosphorus gets into his body. And it is most contained in fish, so instead of meat you can cook it.

And of course, mom should eat dairy products.It is good that their choice is huge: kefir, cottage cheese, milk, sour cream, ryazhenka. If you do not carry dairy products, you still have to eat it. Breastfeeding sucks all calcium reserves from a woman’s body, which leads to brittle hair and nails.

If you don't like dairy products in their pure form, make porridges, casseroles, and pies out of them.

You should know that after giving birth to a mother, you need to drink plenty of water. Approximately 2.5 liters. Moreover, it is better if it is not juice, compote or tea, but simply pure water.

What can not eat?

Do not drink unprocessed cow's milk, it can cause diarrhea in the baby. And it is not clear how the mistress looked after the cow.

It is necessary to limit the consumption of vegetables and fruits, which are strong allergens. These include: grapes, watermelon, currants, cherries, beets, cucumbers, oranges.

Do not abuse the chocolate and sweets. The benefits of them are few. Eating sweets, you can only gain extra pounds and increase the amount of cholesterol in the blood. Store sweets are especially dangerous if you really want to eat a cake - prepare it with your own hands from proven products.

At the time of breastfeeding, give up coffee. Otherwise, your child will receive a huge dose of adrenaline, which will disturb his sleep and your peace.

Naturally a young mother can not eat fast food, chips, crackers, seeds. You also need to forget about alcohol for a while.

Buy juices only proven brands, and even better cook freshly squeezed. In branded juice packs you can find the whole periodic table. Give up excess chemistry.

When compiling the menu, be sure to consult your doctor. Perhaps he will offer you his own diet. Try to eat your favorite foods, but do not forget that now you need to take care of two.

Nursing mom in no case can not go on a diet. The better you eat, the more healthy your baby will be.

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