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Bath selection

What do you think, what bath is better to choose, cast iron, or acrylic? I am looking for good shops in Kazan, where I could buy a new bathtub in order to have better quality.
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Jeck nikolson
Jeck nikolson
Answered on January 3 14:24
Most take from acrylic, as such baths are lighter and more beautiful. I still have cast iron, it is still in good condition, maybe in time I will also install acrylic if I do repairs.
Velaskes gry
Velaskes gry
Answered 3 January 14:28
Acrylics are still good because they are easier and cheaper to restore. So I would also advise taking such, besides, there are a lot of options in the stores now, for any budget you can find.
Ultamac loster
Ultamac loster
Answered on January 3 14:31
Cast-iron baths, too, are still in considerable demand. Maybe they are heavier, but much safer.

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