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Beauty in different parts of the globe: 1 photo, 20 countries, 20 images

An independent journalist from Kansas City, decided on a bold adventure. The girl was photographed without makeup and sent her photo to photoshop fans from 25 different countries. The girl asked everyone to make her beautiful. The aim of the experiment was to show how different the standards of beauty in different parts of the globe are.

The idea of ​​the project came to the girl while working on one of the Internet resources for freelancers. The site provided work for designers from around the world. She considered the portfolio of masters from different countries and came to the conclusion that the nature of the work depends not only on the tastes and skills of a particular person. A huge influence on the aesthetics of each individual designer has his surroundings and cultural traditions of the country in which he lives.

The project entitled "Before and After" set as its goal to demonstrate such differences on the example of female beauty. The girl was a little shocked by the images made in individual countries.Since the artists too much changed her appearance, not trying to preserve the naturalness and individuality. There were countries that pleasantly surprised the girl. Their artists emphasized precisely those features of the exterior of the model, which she herself would like to single out.

The project collected a collection of representations about the female beauty of representatives of various countries of the world. But, in addition, he initiated a discussion about what beauty is, in principle. Girls around the world have realized that there are many unreachable ideals to which, perhaps, it’s not worth striving at all. After all, what is considered absolute dignity in one place may not be recognized in others. Why strive for a mythical ideal, if it can change at any time?

The girl is still collecting photos, which send her artists from around the world. Some countries are represented not by one, but by several works. These photos say a lot ...

Morocco: Bright shawl and original makeup

Argentina: a vivid image resembling the style of the 90s

Bangladesh is represented by two works: naturalness versus full face correction

Germany: filters hide face features

India is represented by three works, and only one emphasizes the real face of the girl

Israel: an interesting vision of natural beauty

Kenya: bright colors

Pakistan: a little make-up and a very piercing look

Romania: a delicate attitude to natural beauty

Sri Lanka: and again bright colors

Ukraine: low-key make-up, but serious handling

Vietnam: a delicate approach

USA: this design seems too original, or not very professional ...

Venezuela: makeup in natural tones

Great Britain: artistry in photo processing

Serbia: bright and expressive features

Two works from Philippine artists, and so different ...

Italy: make-up and light tan

Indonesia: sparkling light skin

Greece: heavy makeup and lots of retouching

Chile: many accessories and pronounced eye makeup

Australia: unexpectedly a lot of color

Of course, the final work depends on the skill and taste of each individual artist. Some works are not only influenced by ideas about the ideals of female beauty, but also depend on the fashion for the style of the portrait portrait. Nevertheless, comparing the vision of representatives of different countries allows us to say that beauty is a very subjective category.


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