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Bichon Frize - care, nutrition and maintenance

The dog is a friend of man. And when this friend is a little lapdog, it is sheer emotion. Fluffy, funny and very funny. A miniature pet will be an excellent companion for adults and children. The main condition is proper care and maintenance.

White cloud

Bichon is really very similar to him due to the fluffy wool of white color. By the way, it can only be like that. Red spots are sometimes present only in puppies, and disappear with age. These are the pets of families about 13 years old. A definite plus is that the dog does not shed, and their wool does not cause allergies.

The breed has become known since the 14th century. Then the sailors of the island of Tenerife took the dogs with them to the ship, charging them with an important job - to catch rats. Over time, the favorites migrated to the continent, where they became familiar to the royal palaces and nobility houses.

Life in joy

Energetic Bichons love to walk, but they do not need serious physical exertion. Because ordinary games will be enough. Since the size of the breed is small - only 15-30 cm, it is perfect for living even in a small apartment.

In addition to walking the pet requires daily attention, which is the key to his mental balance. And the bichonas are quite noisy, because those who are not ready to listen to the active barking every day and watch the doggie frolic, it is better not to agree to a purchase.

Pets get along well with children and become loyal friends for lonely older people. You should not worry if there is already an animal in the house, the Bichon Frize will easily get along with it, on condition of mutual sympathy.

But, despite all his kindness, dogs are rather wary of strangers appearing in the house. After all, whatever one may say, they have the makings of a "watchman".

If the owner wishes to teach them to the main teams, it will not take much time. They are obedient and excellent in training.


The first rule that is important to perform - daily combing, because the thick and curly wool can quickly become tangled.

By the way, it is unique, because it grows all its life, like a man’s hair. This is one of the features of this breed. That is why the active period of molting is absent, saving the owners from contemplation and the need to remove shreds of wool from furniture and the floor.But, at the same time, dead hairs require constant combing.

The best devices for this are a comb and a slicker.

It is also important to equip with a trimmer for a haircut or once in 2-3 months to drive a dog to the groomer. This specialist provides a range of caring services, which include ear cleaning, clipping claws, haircuts, and bathing.

Excess vegetation on the face can cause lacrimation, as well as inhalation of cigarette smoke. Therefore, it is important to periodically flush eyes with chamomile decoction or with a special solution sold in veterinary pharmacies and pet stores.

It is often not necessary to bathe, it is enough once every 2-3 weeks. After walking through the puddles, you just need to wash your paws.

What to feed?

If the choice fell on dry food, then it should be selected according to age and breed. Regardless of the type of food, meals should be served at the same time. For example, at 8.00 and 20.00. This schedule is desirable to adhere to throughout the life of the pet.

If the owner has chosen a natural food, then it must be balanced and combined with the intake of vitamin-mineral complexes.

Bichons are prone to allergies, because meat products are often limited to beef and rabbit, and it is better to choose fish without bones. It is important not to forget about vegetables.

But dairy products are only needed for puppies. Adult dogs can sometimes be given kefir and cottage cheese in small quantities.

To the hair on the muzzle did not darken and did not form coils, it is worth to abandon the deep bowls.

Simple training is quite appropriate. The dog will gladly learn the basic commands in the form of a game, but only one at a time.

Otherwise, there will be no problems with the Bichon Frize. He loves to be the center of attention and gladly amuse others.

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