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Body matter: 10 women who destroy beauty standards

this is women

What is good for them with their figures - they have a lot of money, you can order what clothes you want for yourself at any price, but until we find decent clothes for a full woman, a lot of time will pass, my salvation ishttp://www.atelier-talisman.ru/exclusive/individual/, beautiful, high quality, convenient, and most importantly - original)

A woman must remain a woman. That is, nature has defined its purpose. - give offspring. And it does not fit with fasting, and even more so with anorexia. And I would like to note that God has created all of us with different. Different standards for everyone and we should listen to this and not go against nature. If mother nature conceived you magnificently, as one friend of mine said - fluffy about such women. . It sounded very erotic in him, then so be it. with nature you can not argue. you can get sick. And if your structure is subtle (in medicine there is such a term status gracilis? Then so be it otherwise there will be problems, for example, the metabolism will break down. And then the main thing for a woman is the ability to dress, keep herself, watch her appearance,to be cleverly educated, and there charm will come. But this is the main highlight and not only in a woman, but in a strong half of humanity. Look at our girl model Zharikova as she is good and attractive. And in general, as my husband says (he is a doctor), “I don’t like fat people, but when they are thin ... Br, there’s already cold on the skin. It’s very unpleasant. So getting naked, thin isn’t always easy either. Br .. and the cold on the skin ..

In the case of Kim Kardashian, “curvaceous” is a wide hips and short legs. Here and losing weight does not fix the situation. And on the part of the magnificent forms could add Netrebko. And magnificent forms, and ours, and beautiful, and the whole world is famous. Moreover, she became famous for talent and professionalism, and not for self-promotion and scandals.

And what if short legs is a fashion verdict? The legs and her butt are harmonious with each other. Imagine long legs with such a booty!

Just with such a figure, they walk not in jeans, but in long dresses. Then there is no difference in the size of the parts of the body under the dress. All in the eyes, hair, smile, inner charm ...

Your Kardashniha 100 operations transferred. Has increased, the size of the hips. Did not know about it ?? Thought she was radiated so convex?

I live a little more than half a century and observe all my life how they impose on us that now NOW lush figures come into fashion and so on. Now this method has been adopted. But no matter how hard they try, nothing comes out. Therefore, every time it sounds again and again "Now ...".

And talk, that, they say, nature laid down that purpose ... it's all from the evil one. You can also say that the painting by Aivazovsky is intended to cover a hole in the wall, and the sculpture of Venus is a hanger for hats. By the way, cosmetics in all forms and perfumes with desik are also not incorporated by nature. Cancel? Or ban? And crutches too along with prostheses.

Some people like curvaceous, someone slim or very slim — it's good that there are fans on every piece. But something I did not notice the imposed advertising slender figures, they manage without it somehow.

As for “loving myself as I am,” so I can also love myself for a week without a shower, unshaven, in a dirty shirt, black dirt under the nails and with the smell of garlic and fume from the mouth.

Sexuality, i.e. sex differences, there are bitches, and femininity can only be a woman.


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