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Broken lock

There was such a problem that the lock did not close completely. More precisely, I scroll the key only once, and then he does not want to scroll. Previously, this was not and I could normally close the door two times. Advise an inexpensive master in St. Petersburg who can change the Abus castle.
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Answered on June 17 17:42
Try to take another key and open the door for them, because I also had such a problem. The key was inserted but did not normally scroll, and as it turned out later, a small clove got lost there and because of this he did not close the door.
Answered on June 17th, 18:47
I remember, too, could not normally open the door and as it turned out the key a little bent. I just used to open a beer for them, and for a key it is enough to change the angle by 7-10 degrees and it will no longer normally open the door.
Answered on June 17 20:49
It’s best to not try to repair the lock, because you can make it so that you have to buy a new one. Now the locks are made in such a way that only a true master can remove it without damage.

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