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Buy equipment without money ... How ???

I want to start a small production. I counted the expenses, found suppliers of raw materials, and arranged sales. Now you need to buy and install a production line. This will eat my entire budget. And I would like to leave a little stash in case of force majeure.
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Answered on March 6 22:48
Will your products be in demand? Have you calculated the risks? Is the market studied? If it does not work, you will be left alone with your production, without money.
Answered on March 6, 23:17
You did not think about leasing? Now this option is on the market. Contact the experts, you will all be calculated according to your capabilities and will offer the most suitable conditions. What city are you from? Here you have for example equipment leasing in Tyumen.
Answered on March 7 22:10
Find an investor. With him money, with your ideas. Agree on what conditions you will cooperate, how to distribute profits.Although the first time all the profits will need to invest in the development of the enterprise.

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