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Can HCG be wrong?

Victoria Dmitrieva
Victoria Dmitrieva
December 20, 2012
Can HCG be wrong?

HCG (HCG - chorionic gonadotropin) is the main hormone that determines pregnancy in women, as it is released after implantation of the embryo into the uterus wall. Can HCG be wrong? Can! True, clinical errors in the analysis of blood for hCG are few.

The first error is when HCG is not present, and the woman is really pregnant. In this case, it is determined by a very low level of hormone in the blood of a pregnant woman. This is due to too early a study and is eliminated by conducting a reanalysis after a few days (the doctor will tell you the exact time frame).

The second option - when there is HCG, but there is no pregnancy.

There are more such cases. There are various reasons, and they all have a medical justification:

  1. Reaction analysis for medical preparations containing human chorionic gonadotropin. These medicines are mainly focused on the treatment of infertility and the maintenance of pregnancy. For example, "Pregnil", "Profazi", etc.
  2. The presence in the blood of substances being examined is similar in composition to hCG.
  3. Hormone production by the pituitary gland of the organism under study This happens because the pituitary gland produces a certain amount of CG, and it can be detected even in the blood of men.
  4. The presence in the body of organ tumors.
  5. After termination of pregnancy in the early stages. Some time the hormone is still in the body and responds to the test.

Now it becomes clear whether the analysis of hCG can make mistakes and why. In such cases, additional tests and other methods of examination are required.

In comparison, the amount of chorionic gonadotropin can be given. So, for men and non-pregnant women it is up to 5 mU / ml, and for women with a gestational age of 15 days, HCG reaches 200 mU / ml.


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