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Can nursing mothers watermelon?

Anastasia Rakhmatova
Anastasia Rakhmatova
December 5, 2012
Can nursing mothers watermelon?

Watermelon is a tasty delicacy that pleases both adults and children. But very often, many women have a question about whether a watermelon can be a nursing mother.

It becomes especially popular in the summer when fruits and vegetables ripen. There is neither a categorical "no" or an approved "yes." Experts say that you can eat watermelon, but definitely the one that ripened in the season. Early watermelons contain a lot of chemicals, as they are grown on fertilizers.

Can I eat watermelon nursing mom

Doctors tend to say that in the first few months there is no cost to eat watermelons. Anyway, you need to be careful with them. There is a possibility of poisoning, as well as allergic reactions. This is especially dangerous for small children. To avoid this, you must carefully choose a watermelon. The ripe product is green with light stripes. The tail on the top should be dry. All this speaks of the ripeness of watermelon. You can also check the watermelon for chemicals. For this, experts advise, it is necessary to put the pulp in a glass of water.If the water becomes cloudy after 1-2 hours, turns into a texture resembling milk, then such a watermelon should be discarded.

How to prevent a child from allergies? You are a mother and, of course, worried about your baby. Experts advise to eat a couple of pieces of sweet delicacy and wait. If within a few hours neither you nor the child have any adverse reactions, you can safely have a watermelon. After all, all allergies are purely individual properties.

In general, watermelons are advised to eat and adults, and children, and pregnant, and lactating. This is because watermelon contains many vitamins. So do not be afraid to pamper yourself with them, it's worth it!


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