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Can the girl herself make a wedding proposal?

Imagine that you have your own Mr. Perfection in the background, you have already checked your feelings with relationships, you understand that you are ripe for something more, and now you send him little hints, but he can’t guess what it is all about. Is it worth it in this case just to take the initiative in your own hands and in direct text to offer him to get married?

To make an offer is only a man's prerogative?

To begin with, the fact that the proposal for a wedding comes from a girl has long been nothing supernatural. We can even tell you in confidence that many of your girlfriends made an “invitation to the altar” for themselves, for example, discussing with their boyfriend the question of buying a car or moving to a new rented apartment, but only coyly kept silent about it, giving out only the most cinematic episode about as he handed the ring. In the end, we no longer live in the feudal system, where the decision about the wedding as the beginning of building a family cell is taken by the owner of the territory where this same cell will subsequently live.

Can the girl herself make a wedding proposal?

Initially, in the idea that this man sits on one knee with a ring, and the woman obediently agrees, a clear distribution of roles was laid: he was the breadwinner and the worker, she was the housewife and the future mother. In this perspective, the decision about the wedding remained for a man, because he had to calculate with all seriousness whether he could feed his family and provide her with decent living conditions. It is logical that with the advent of so-called equal families in the second half of the 20th century, where both partners work and invest in life, many traditional relationship scenarios have changed. And the item about the knee and the ring as well.

Why are girls still in no hurry with the initiative?

American University of California conducted a study among several hundred students of both sexes, interviewing them, what kind of marriage proposal would they prefer: from a man or from a woman? Two-thirds of the respondents favored the "classic" version, which even shocked at first sight (in fact, it was in liberal California), but if you understand the reasons for denying the marriage initiative of women, then everything becomes clear.What stops the girls is not only to come with a ring to the guy, but also in the questionnaire to mark that they are not at all against such an alignment of events, it is the notorious "all the girls die-not-get up like they want to get married and only for this live on light ", which is now accepted openly and loudly to deny.

Can the girl herself make a wedding proposal?

The girls fear that at the wedding the guests will whisper in the corner, that it was she who made him, and he had nothing left but to raise the white flag and surrender, so they prefer to throw the phrase out loud that the stamp in the passport does not matter, and then at home, look for articles on the Internet on the topic “10 ways to marry him on yourself”, but only secretly from everyone, so that you would not be considered obsessed with marriage as a madman who unwinds the chain in order to quickly chain the peasant to the battery.


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