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Mixer cartridges are an important element of your plumbing

Modern mixers have a thoughtful structure that contributes to their reliability and durability. The cartridge concerns important elements of a design. This element may be of different types, different characteristics, it is important for buyers to take into account when deciding on the choice.


A quality cartridge has a significant impact on how the entire mixer functions, how well it copes with its purpose, which is to supply and mix water of different temperatures. That's why when the cartridge fails, it is required to choose the most suitable model for a particular mixer, selecting products from well-known brands that meet all relevant requirements: http://vodok.ru/g7731251-kartridzhi-dlya-smesitelya

As a rule, a low cost is offered for sale on cartridges. This makes their purchase available to all buyers. As a result, if this element fails in the mixer, it will not be difficult to repair it.The most important thing is to find the right model and install it correctly.

Choice and Purchase

The range of cartridges on offer is quite large. Determining the choice, initially to decide between two main varieties. The first is a ball. This type is usually made using stainless steel. It received its name due to the characteristic form.

The second view is a disk. The name of this variety is also associated with the design features in which special discs are provided. The material of their manufacture is cermet, which has a considerable number of attractive characteristics.

In addition to the type of cartridge, when choosing the right model, many other features need to be assessed. All of them are written in the description of the goods sold in the online store. In particular, sizes matter. It is important to know the diameter value specified in millimeters. The description will tell you which materials are used for manufacturing. For example, it can be ceramics, plastic.Depending on this, the device is offered the corresponding cost.

A manufacturer is also a relevant selection criteria. It is best to give preference in favor of products from brands with an excellent reputation. Such a choice will provide a guaranteed high quality. As a result, the cartridge will last a very long time.


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