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Paper and cloth caterpillar

Paper and cloth caterpillarPaper and cloth caterpillar

This toy can be offered to the child from the year. Having fun playing, the kid studies the geometric shapes, color. The toy develops fine motor skills of hands, tactile sensations. Caterpillar made of paper and fabric is easily done independently. You can also invite a child to participate in the creation process. See also other paper crafts with your own hands in this section.


How to make a caterpillar made of paper and fabric



To sew the caterpillar, you will need pieces of colored cotton fabrics, synthetic winterizer or other filler, yarn, thread, needle, scissors, buttons. Cut out of paper a quarter of a circle, the radius of which is 7 cm. This will be a pattern. Then fold the fabric four times, prikolyte pattern and cut out the contour. Throw out the circle with a seam “over the edge” or “forward the needle”, retreating 5 mm from the edge. Slightly pull the circle around the edges and place the filler inside. Form a tight ball, pull the thread and make a knot.


Sew eyes and nose with buttons or beads, embroider the mouth.Make up a hairstyle made of threads and jewelery - a collar, hairpins, a hat, etc. For the body, prepare another 5-7 balls of colored fabrics, and then sew them together.


As a filler, you can use cereals (beans, rice, buckwheat), macaroni, balls, etc., then the caterpillar will become a good educational toy for the baby.


You can make friends the first caterpillar. Friends will be made by another technology. You will need felt of different colors, eyes, glue, a needle with thread and scissors. Cut a strip of felt measuring 10 by 4 cm. Carefully cut the strip from both sides to make a fringe.


Prepare strips of red and green felt 3 cm wide. Roll them up with a roll and secure with glue or sew. 5 rolls will be enough for the caterpillar body. From the sixth roll get a head, let it be thicker than the previous ones. Cut the loose end to make the horns.


Secure the middle part between the horns with glue, and let the horns hang near the caterpillar freely. Glue the eyes and mouth onto the head. The mouth is a red triangle of felt. Sew your head to the edge of the fringed broad band.Alternately sew rolls to a strip with a fringe and to each other. Cheerful caterpillar ready.


Such a caterpillar can be made from paper. Twist and glue spirals together from multicolored narrow stripes. Of the several spirals attached to the cardboard one after another, the body is obtained. Also twist the eyes.


To make a spiral of two or more colors, simply at the end of a strip of one color, carefully glue a part of a different color and wind it like a normal one-color spiral. This technique is called quilling or paper circulation. It requires great care, concentration, patience.


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