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Children's application of tiger cubs

Today we will make a funny tiger cub out of paper hearts. To create beautiful and interesting applications it is not necessary to use translated templates: a lot of attractive images and funny characters are obtained from blanks in the form of simple geometric shapes.

So, for example, from the blanks in the form of hearts, you can get a charming children's applique "tiger cub".

Children's application of tiger cub

Children's application of tiger cub

What you need to prepare in advance for work:

  • two-sided colored paper of orange, black and dark brown;
  • a sheet of white paper;
  • black marker or marker;
  • plain pencil;
  • glue;
  • scissors.

Getting started.

First d We want blanks for our crafts.

From orange paper, we cut two hearts, one slightly larger than the other. To do this, fold the sheet in half, draw on it the wrong arc, the edges of which rest against the fold.We cut, unfold.

In the same way, we make two identical small orange hearts and two dark brown smaller ones. We also cut one very small dark brown heart and a half orange heart of medium size.

We cut a wide curved strip out of orange paper - this will be a tail.

Cut out two small dark brown paper roundels (these will be the pupils of the eyes) and six narrow strips - these will be the antennae.

We cut out two small semi-sheets from white paper - future tiger eyes.

Blanks for Applik actions

The blanks are made, proceed to the next step.

From the big orange hearts we lay out the head and body of the tiger cub: turn them upside down with a sharp end, put a smaller heart on the larger heart . The tiger's head and chest are obtained. Behind them, glue half of the heart - like the hind legs. We glue the tail to the hind legs.

We connect small orange hearts with dark brown ones, which we glue into them.These will be ears.

 We collect a tiger cub

We collect a tiger cub

We make a muzzle: we glue a small dark brown heart to the center - to it - dark brown stripes - antennae. We glue the white eyes above the nose, and dark brown pupils in them.

Now, in order to make our handicraft - the tiger cub look like real tigers, we draw black stripes on the tail and body of the predator. The similarity becomes obvious!


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