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Choosing a pet: market, pet shop or private breeder


If you decide on a pedigree dog, a cat with a pedigree or an exotic animal, it is best to contact the breeder directly. However, there are a number of nuances that are worth considering. Having not studied in advance all the appropriate options, it is possible to become a victim of fraudsters or purchase a sick animal. Private breeders, having from one to five animals, carefully monitor the "quality" of the offspring of their pets. On the other hand, the less animals live in the same room, the more comfortable they are, the better their quality of life and, accordingly, the lower the risk of chronic diseases. Kennels of certain breeds of dogs and cats are also popular. If your goal is to participate in exhibitions, then the nursery will be able to help with pedigree and documents.
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Pet Shop

The pet store offers a large selection of small pets - guinea pigs, hamsters, mice, and also birds. So for the feathered friend is best to go to the pet store. Here you can also find purebred dogs and cats, as a rule, puppies are vaccinated and examined by a veterinarian. Stores at veterinary clinics often cooperate with breeders or animal shelters and can advise the breed and help choose a pet according to your wishes for its character and content.
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In the bird market you can find an animal for every taste, from gray striped kittens to exotic pythons. The problem with the market is that there are no guarantees of the health or pedigree of a potential pet. Often, people bring to the market kittens or puppies from their own pets for an attachment in good hands. So if the pet is still for the soul, and not for the sake of pedigree and breed, you can even get it on the market for free.
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Another pet search option is a shelter or animal welfare organization. In the shelter there are a variety of animals, from yard dogs to purebred cats, thrown out on the street by their careless owners.

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