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Compiled top 100 best cartoons of all time

Spoiler: there is neither "Prostokvashino" in it, nor "Well, wait a minute!".

Love for cartoons with childhood does not end. That is why many animation tapes are designed not only for children, but for their moms and dads. And at the box office, such films are collected no less than blockbusters with ordinary actors, not drawn. For example, the cartoon "Cold Heart" has collected more than a billion dollars. Slightly less "fees" in fish from "Finding Nemo."

Recently, 24/7 Wall Street agency analysts ranked the best cartoons of all time. The list includes one hundred animated pictures. They took into account the commercial success of the tapes, critics' reviews, audience survey data and audience reviews - in general, they came together comprehensively.

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The list includes not only Hollywood cartoons, but also foreign ones. In particular, a lot of Japanese turned out to be: anime culture in the Land of the Rising Sun is still very well developed. Hayao Miyazaki's drawn cinema, for example, is a whole cult.

But there were no Russian cartoons in the rating. Not a single one. Although our “Masha and the Bear” and “Smeshariki” have long escaped outside the country and are conquering the world with might and main.

In the first place was the animated film “Grave of Fireflies” originally from Japan. He talks about the events of the Second World War. At the last - "The inhabitants of the hills", filmed in 1978. In the Russian hire, he went out under the name "Floated ship." In addition, the list includes “Winnie the Pooh” (American), “The Adventures of Tintin”, “Despicable Me”, “Rango”, “Kung Fu Panda”, “The Little Mermaid” and other tapes well known to us. A complete list can be viewed at, and we will publish the first 15 of the rating.

Top 15 best cartoons

1. "The grave of fireflies"

2. "Puzzle"

3. "Toy Story - 3"

4. "Spirited Away"

5. Coco

6. “Wall-I”

7. "Your name"

cartoon val-i
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8. "Paddington Bear - 2"

9. “My Neighbor Totoro”

10. “The Song of the Sea”

11. "Wolf children Ame and Yuki"

12. “The Tale of Princess Kaguya”

13. “Dog Island”

14. “Mary and Max”



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