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Compliments to a man - how to speak correctly

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How to say beautiful compliments to a beloved man right? A list of compliments to a man - examples.

The site, today will reveal the right topic for the good, namely -how to make a compliment to a guy and a man correctly. Many women complain that their men do not tell them compliments. Although, if you look at this problem from the other side, another thing can be noted: women almost do not give compliments to men, considering it as a duty of the latter, we have already told how to give a compliment to a girl, now it’s time to find outhow to compliment a man correctly.


kmplIt is proved that one of the motives for a positive attitude towards society and life in general is the presence of high self-esteem (we note - adequately high, and not the delusions of grandeur). A person who loves himself will try to celebrate something good in other people and it will be much more pleasant to communicate with him than with a subject whose light band in life is associated exclusively with a white roll of toilet paper in a corner of reverie.


The notorious stereotypes of society since ancient times have cultivated in men the desire to get at least approval for what they did, what distinguished them, and so on. The only reason most men don’t digest compliments is to praise their appearance. Although now it is quite possible to dispute: the beauty industry offers men a whole bunch of personal care products, and advertising creates an image of a well-groomed, sometimes refined representative of a strong half of humanity, which does not necessarily look indicatively brutal, but retains purely male features - pride, purposefulness, determination.


How to say beautiful compliments to a beloved man.



Men, like the radar, clearly perceive the falsehood on the part of women when they say any pleasant words to them. If for women compliments act as a kind of hormone of happiness, such a kind of energy battery, thencompliments for men- this is a call to action. For example, having told a man what he is economic and he has everything under control, one must be prepared for the fact that he will then show an interest in the quantity, quality and price of the items purchased.


kmpl2With regard to the compliments made to men, it must be remembered that one should praise only those qualities and achievements that they value in themselves or are secretly dreamed about. For example, the heroine of the legendary novel "Gone With the Wind" Scarlet O'Hara, having set as her goal to marry the boyfriend of her younger sister Syulin, in order to improve her material well-being, began to flirt with him. With various tricks, she led him to dare to make her an offer, and the “control shot” was the words “You are so determined and persistent,” said with an embarrassed smile and a half-eyed look. This despite the fact that Frank Jackson spun around her sister Scarlet for several years, not daring even to mention her feelings!


There are men who look like a rock and behave accordingly - "I can not stand flattery." As they say, each Achilles has its own heel, in which you can direct the arrow.


Flattery towards a man must be justified. Men especially appreciate in themselves and secretly, and sometimes openly, are proud of their qualities as males. If a woman tells him that no one can compare with him in bed and shows him special tenderness and awe, it allows him to feel like a superhero.He may not be the most athletic physique, but he will feel better than the more muscular rivals.


How to say compliments to a man?

How to say compliments to a man correctly?


It is possible in this situation, especially after a stormy intimacy, quietly whisper in the ear of a guy:


"You know, it turns out, they proved that the best lovers should not be too muscular at all. When there are too many muscles, it most often means a complete lack of brains. ”


If a man has a small belly, this can also be done with a significant advantage:


“Men with a small tummy are considered the best lovers. This is really so "


- and gently stroke his belly, slightly leaning against his beloved.


It is important for men to feel strong and successful. Cancompliment menextremely unobtrusively emphasizing their expert status - “It's good that you came. Without you, I can not understand this question in any way. " Another example - “I do not hope for women's opinion in this matter. You, as a man, know better what will be the best solution. ”


romantic dinnerThe man is very sensitive to the tone, which they say compliments.If a woman, pronouncing pleasant words for him, lowers her voice by a couple of tones, looks him straight in the eyes and still tries to create additional contact between their bodies, this sets him up to take a more serious attitude to what has been said. Any words spoken by the man himself should be listened to without rolling his eyes, clearly saying, "Well, that has begun again."


Women who compliment a man should not be abused by two things: their weakness and their partner's praise. If she often says that without him she is like without hands, then too often mentioning such a fact will cause him irritation. Is she small enough to constantly take care of her? Or there will be a vague suspicion that he is being held for an idiot and simply used.


Feel the measure when you compliment your beloved man.



Too frequent praise of a partner is dangerous because a man will gradually get used to this form of communication and will cease to perceive praise as such. In any case, it is necessary to measure - to praise only about, ie. not too often. But not so rarely that a man was lost and spent the whole day in thought - but why did they tell me all this?


Compliments beloved man

Compliments beloved man need not speak with constraint. A list and examples of words for compliments are given at the very bottom of the article, but the main thing is to understand how to use compliments correctly.


It has long been said among women that if you do not like a guy, you should not laugh at his jokes. Many men have a sense of humor specific, and if it really causes more irritation than positive emotions, then the best thing to advise is to make an unpleasant remark about his jokes. But then no one will accuse you of bringing in false hopes ...


kmpl4But if such jokes say the object of your passion, you need to create the impression that you madly like his pearls. At the same time, you should carefully monitor your facial expressions - saying that this was the best joke, you need to remove the sad expression from the eyes. Otherwise, forever out of trust. To compliment a man simply, we need the naturalness of words, facial expressions, as if they complimented a guy between words.


By the way, many mamenka's sons become terribly dependent on affectionate words, which they exude to their mother. If wives say such words much less often than their mother-in-law, then such a marriage is doomed to perpetual conflicts.What does the mother take over? They tell their overgrown boys how wonderful, intelligent, kind, caring they are and how unlucky they are to marry hard-hearted bitches who don’t see or appreciate this. If a lover of tender words loses such nourishment, then he begins to feel ill at ease.


And men should not say any sugary luscious lisping words like "bunny", "pupsik" - this causes them wild irritation. Such words can be said to a child, and then the question arises how much he likes it.


The brain of a man is like a program with a clear algorithm of action: if a team comes in, it must be performed. But how to execute the command "I like that you are dressed cool today"? What does it mean "cool dressed"? This is only a woman who has made such an ambiguous compliment to a man; she understands that she wants to see him dressed like this as often as possible. And for a man who has come under such a statement, such words will cause stupor and quiet (sometimes not very quiet) indignation. So, be sincere with your men, make compliments and they will appreciate it.


Below is a list of compliments to a man and a guy, use these words in speech,in the preparation of compliments and do not forget about how to say compliments.


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