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Contests for February 14

The month of February is famous for such holidays as Defender of the Fatherland Day and St. Valentine's Day. On the eve of February 14, it is worth thinking about holding festive events in educational institutions. Interesting contests for February 14 will be better remembered and bring bright emotions for schoolchildren and students, as opposed to ordinary gifts. Consider the fun contests by February 14 for youth. Almost every competition involves the division of participants into two or more teams.

Contests for February 14

Competitions for February 14 at school

Competitions for February 14 for schoolchildren will help to create a fun and unusual festive atmosphere. All these competitions are suitable for both school and other teen events.

I am a designer.Children are divided into two teams, each of which of the improvised means should create clothes in a short time. Both teams are given newspapers, glue, needles, thread, scissors, tape, staples. The winner is the team that created the most interesting clothes.

Knight Tournament.For this competition, an even number of teams of two boys is required. One of them should be stronger, as he will play the role of a horse. The second will be a knight. Each rider, riding his horse, fights with plastic swords. The first knight fallen from his horse loses, and the steadiest will be the winner of the competition.

Contests for February 14

Deaf phone.This fun contest for February 14th is similar to the game “Spoiled Phone”. He will reveal who is more attentive, guys or girls? Participants are divided into two teams, the first team consists only of boys, the second - of girls. In both teams, the players chained each other into their ears the word spoken by the leading first team member. The team that calls the correct word at the end wins.

Sleight of hand.In this competition, by February 14, the scenario is as follows: the participants are divided into two teams (in one - the boys, in the other - the girls). Players in turn should get Chinese refined sugar from a glass of water with the help of Chinese chopsticks. The winner is the team that quickly got all the sugar, without letting it dissolve in water. This is another contest in which there is a competition between participants of the opposite sex.

Sherlock Holmes. Participants are divided into two teams, each of which is given a peculiar puzzle: a piece of paper cut into pieces with a very large enigma. Players must not only complete the puzzle, but also solve the riddle. The team, the first to cope with the task, and will be the winner.

Contests for February 14

The most attractive.This competition will help to identify the most charming male representative. Each guy is given a blank sheet of paper and for a short period of time the guys should collect as many “kisses” as possible from their present beautiful ladies on their sheet. The winner is the participant who has acquired the largest number of prints of kisses from the fair sex.

Threaded.This competition involves the participation of several teams of two people, a boy and a girl. Each of these pairs is tied with a thread by the arms and legs. Couples connected to each other should collect small items scattered on the floor, for example, candy or stationery. The winner is the team that collected the most items in the stipulated time.

Contests and games for February 14

Contests for February 14

Misunderstanding.This fun contest game is for two - you need a guy and a girl. The leader of each of them issues the task so that the second participant does not hear it. The guy according to the script should, substituting a chair, screw the light bulb, without being distracted by the girl's attempts to prevent him. And the girl is told that the guy wants to commit suicide - trying to hang herself, and she must in any way prevent him from doing it. Each of the participants from must fulfill his task, no matter what. The audience is told the essence of this game.

Urgent care.The script of this contest provides for several teams of two people - a guy and a girl. The boys play the role of a seriously wounded warrior, and the girls of the bandages given to them, cotton wool and adhesive plasters independently provide first aid. The winner is the team that first put the victim on his feet.

Prize in riddles.A prize item is taken, wrapped in 10 layers of paper, a puzzle is attached to each of them. The facilitator gives a wrapped prize to one of the players. The participant, removing the wrapper, reads the riddle. Having solved it, he again gets the right to open the package, if he does not guess, then the right passes through the chain to the next participant.The person who guessed the riddle on the last layer of paper, and receives this prize.

An entertainment program for St. Valentine's Day may include:

  • competitions for February 14 for children;
  • competitions for February 14 for schoolchildren;
  • competitions for February 14 for teenagers.

In addition to the proposed contests, a thematic photo contest can be included in the scenario of the festive event.


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