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Cooking deliciously unusual feijoa

Surely, few of us imagine what is feijoa, what kind of fruit or vegetable? In fact, feijoa is an evergreen shrub that has a truly beautiful bloom that lasts for two months.

As a result, small, elongated green berries appear on the tree, looking something like green plums with a small amount of villi on the tip. The plant itself, it may be said, is exotic, it is difficult to grow it in some other conditions, except in the subtropics, only there really ripe and useful fruits ripen.

You get tasty dishes

Brazil is considered the birthplace of such shrubs, but feijoa grows fairly well in Colombia, Uruguay, some regions of Russia and corners of the Crimea. In the menu of European cuisine, such a berry, of course, is a novelty, but, nevertheless, it more than grows in popularity and general interest.

And this is not surprising, because feijoa is a real storehouse of vitamins,useful substances and medicinal components, in addition, it has an exotic and unusual taste: some claim that it mixed strawberries and kiwi, others compare it with a banana, and still others are confident in the presence of notes of pineapple.

Yes, guess what, in order to accurately understand what an unusual green berry with a look like a cucumber looks like, it is necessary at least once not to pass by the counter, but to buy a few things on your test.

And in order for your first impression of exotic berries not to be spoiled by the terms of delivery to our region, having bought it, try to hold it for a couple of days on the windowsill, and then try.

The fact is that the absolutely ripe feijoa berry is very soft and quickly deteriorates, which is why it is brought to our stores greenish, because of which the fruits are distinguished by their density and tastelessness.

But if you give the berry a little to lie down, it will mature, having pleased you with its interesting taste and a set of useful microelements. By the way, about them. No wonder many housewives are so actively interested in what can be made from feijoa, because its berries have considerable wealth of usefulness!

This is what these fruits look like.

Its most important and indisputable advantage is a high content of iodine, or rather, the largest among known animal and vegetable foods. In addition, its ripe fruits are rich in vitamin C, which is a powerful defender of the human body from most bacteria and viruses, is an essential element for the normal synthesis of collagen.

Naturally, this is not the only beneficial properties of such an amazing plant, it is recommended for many diseases, for example, for atherosclerosis, pyelonephritis, housing and communal services and colds. But in order for feijoa to bring real benefits to your body, you need to learn how to choose it correctly.

To ensure its maturity, ask the seller to cut one berry - if the flesh is white inside, then the feijoa is not ripe, and if it is brown, then, on the contrary, it is already overripe and spoiled.

In normal condition, the pulp should be transparent, something resembling jelly, but if you still bought a greenish fruit, do not despair, within a few days it will ripen, most importantly, do not overdo it. At home, fresh, it is kept relatively short, 5-7 days.

The use of feijoa in cooking

Like any berry, feijoa has its season when it matures and appears most actively on the shelves of stores. Usually it starts at the end of September and lasts until the beginning of January, the main peak falls on November, during this period you can stock up on relatively cheap feijoa berries.

Most often it is eaten fresh, for this it is cut into two halves and a middle spoon is eaten away with a teaspoon. Who does not like it so much: you can cut off the skin, cut the pulp into small cubes and, to taste, drag it with sugar, getting an unusual, sweet and sour dessert.

In addition to the fresh look, you can cook a delicious feijoa dish, which will open for your attention new tastes and horizons in cooking. Jam, compotes, cocktails and even sauces for meat dishes are only a small part of those options that can be created using such berries.

Feijoa flavored meat

The simplest and most delicious that can be made from feijoa is jam, which conveys the delicious taste of berries and, among other things, retains the entire rich spectrum of useful substances. There are several variations of such jams, for example, one of them involves a mixture of crushed feijoa berries and sugar (20% of the total mass of berries).

Add water to this mixture and set to boil for 6 hours on low heat, or even better - in a water bath. Periodically remove the foam, stir, and for the savory taste, you can try to add fresh grated ginger. As a result, the jam should turn out to be as homogeneous as possible; to do this, after six hours of boiling, it must be passed through a sieve.

Another option, as they say, more “sugar”, has a slightly different concept of preparation and proportion: 1 kg of berries accounts for 1 kg of sugar. Fruits are passed through a meat grinder (previously peeled off the skins), and then filled with sugar.

The interest is that the jam does not need to be boiled, it is enough to warm it up a little, so that the sugar is more likely to dissolve, but you can not do it, after a few hours it will do it itself.

What else can you think of?

Feijoa jam can be a great addition to any dessert, for example, as a decoration for open pastries or in the form of filling buns, cakes.

But this recipe, of course, does not end there, for example, you can pamper yourself with an exotic salad or savory sauce for the meat dish, and in particular, for baked chicken.To create such a miracle is easy, read and make sure.

Feijoa Salad with Oranges and Nuts

  • feijoa - 300 g;
  • lemon - 1 pc .;
  • oranges - 300 g;
  • walnuts - 150 g;
  • sour cream;
  • raisins - 50 g;
  • salt, powdered sugar.

Thoroughly wash the fruit, lemon and feijoa, cut into slices, clean the oranges from the peel and cut into small cubes. Prepared ingredients are mixed in one dish, then there we send pre-crumbled walnuts and raisins. We fill the salad with sour cream, add a pinch of salt, and top with sugar powder. Before serving, the salad should be decorated: sprinkle on top with a zest of orange, cut into strips.

Feijoa sauce

  • feijoa - 5 pcs .;
  • onions - 1 pc .;
  • sugar - 2 tbsp. spoons
  • ground black pepper.

Peel the feijoa and onions from the skin, cut into small cubes, then send it to the blender and grind it. Next, add sugar, pepper (to taste) and again beat until a uniform mass is formed. The sauce goes well with meat and fish.

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