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Cooking ginger lemonade for weight loss

Ginger drinks came to us from the East. The essential oils that they contain, contribute to the acceleration of metabolic processes. Therefore, many people use them to lose weight. Today we will learn how to make ginger lemonade at home.

make ginger lemonade at home
Ginger lemonade for weight loss
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  • Servings:
  • Cooking time:1 minute

Ginger lemonade with lemon and honey

To prepare this drink, we need:

· 1 liter of hot boiled water

· 70-80 g grated ginger

· 1 lemon

· 1 orange

· 5-10 mint leaves

· Honey

Grated ginger pour water. Cut lemon and orange into slices and send to ginger. If desired, add honey and mint leaves. Let the lemonade infuse and serve.

Ginger lemonade for weight loss

An effective remedy for overweight is ginger-garlic drink. For its preparation you will need only a couple of garlic cloves and a small root of ginger.

Both ingredients are washed and finely chopped or grated on a coarse grater. Pour the resulting mass into a thermos and pour boiling water. Leave for a couple of hours so that it is well infused. Ready drink is recommended to filter. Daily drink ginger lemonade according to this recipe, and your photos on social networks will not be ignored.

Ginger Spice Drink

· 40 g of ginger

· 500 ml of water.

Cut the ginger into thin slices. Put in a saucepan, add water and bring to a boil. Boil for about 15 minutes. After cooling, add the cloves or black pepper on the tip of a knife. It is advised to drink such lemonade in half a cup half an hour before meals.

Ginger lemonade with juice

Fine cocktails can be tasted not only in the restaurant. They can be cooked at home.

· 60 g of ginger root

· 800 ml of water

· 200 ml of juice (orange, pineapple or other optional)

· Half lemon

· Ice

Ginger to grate on a coarse grater, pour hot water. After cooling down, add the juice of half a lemon and fruit juice. Serve with ice cubes.

Instant results from such drinks should not be expected. It takes some time for the extra weight to start to go away.In addition, ginger lemonade does not negate, but complements proper nutrition and diet.

Even if you are not able to significantly lose weight while taking ginger drinks, you will improve your well-being and the work of the gastrointestinal tract. In addition, ginger is indispensable in the fight against viral diseases. You can learn more about the beneficial properties of this plant from the video.


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