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Courtney Kardashian marries a 24-year-old model?

Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott may not be in a hurry to legitimize their relationship, but this is not the case with 38-year-old Courtney Kardashian and her 24-year-old fashion model boyfriend Younes Bendim. The other day, Younes was noticed in one of the jewelry stores in Los Angeles, and from only one concentrated expression on his face one could guess that he was looking there for clearly not diamond cufflinks. By the way, according to sources, the choice of Younes fell only on the most expensive copies of wedding rings, so, apparently, his love for the eldest of the Kardashian sisters is really strong and unselfish!

“When they started dating in 2016, Courtney fell in love with Younes deeply. And more than once she hinted that she was ready for their relations to move to a new level, the source said. "Do not even doubt that she will agree to marry him." In one of the episodes of the Family of Kardashian, Courtney even admitted to her sisters that she was ready to freeze her eggs if she met a person who would like another child from her.Recall that Courtney already has three children from the former boyfriend Scott Disik - eight-year-old Mason, five-year-old Penelope and three-year-old Rhine. Well, since Younes is only 24 and he is clearly not up to the children, it is clear for whom Courtney is ready to take this step.


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