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Crafts for the Day of Astronautics with their own hands in kindergarten and school of paper, pasta and plastic bottles. How to make your own hands a beautiful crafts in honor of Cosmonautics Day

PNDK-013With your hands in a kindergarten or school you can create a variety of unusual and beautiful crafts for the Day of Astronautics. Where to draw ideas for compositions? Of course, in our master classes with a detailed description and photos of finished products. Materials fit any, ranging from colored paper and pasta, and ending with plastic bottles, cardboard and plasticine. It will take very little time for simple work, and more complex work will require some effort and attention, but a bright, spectacular result will more than compensate for all labor costs.

Beautiful crafts for Cosmonautics Day with their own hands in kindergarten - description with step by step photos

The figure, symbolizing the image of the first cosmonaut, can be done with the kids in kindergarten, using the recommendations of this master class with step by step photos. In the meantime, the guys will be engaged in making crafts, it is worthwhile to tell them about Yuri Gagarin, who was the first on the planet who conquered outer space and went down in history thanks to this bold exploit.


Required materials for beautiful crafts in kindergarten for the Day of Cosmonautics

  • silver foiled cardboard
  • white paper
  • toy eyes
  • red plasticine
  • scissors
  • glue
  • simple pencil

Step-by-step instructions on how to do a handicraft in kindergarten in honor of Cosmonautics Day

  1. On the back side of the foiled cardboard to draw an element resembling a mountain top with a wide base and a tapered tip. On both sides of the base, leave small “ears”, which will later serve as a stop and will give stability to the figure. Cut the sketch with scissors and bend the "ears" inside.PNDK-006
  2. From the remaining cardboard, cut the astronaut's head in the helmet.PNDK-008
  3. Using glue to join together the body of the suit and head. Put the structure under the load for a short time so that the glue will clutch and fix.PNDK-009
  4. From white paper cut with scissors, half, slightly smaller than the helmet of the suit and stick it on the place where the face should be. Attach the astronaut eyes (or draw by hand).PNDK-010
  5. Blind mouth of clay and glue to the face with glue "Moment".PNDK-011
  6. From the remnants of red clay mold the letters of the abbreviation "USSR" and place them in the upper part of the helmet.PNDK-012
  7. Cut the cosmonaut's hands out of colored paper and glue them on the sides of the hull. Finished crafts to use as a gift or decorate the room.

Handicrafts for Cosmonautics Day do-it-yourself school - poster "Solar System"


For a school on Cosmonautics Day, it is worthwhile to make an interesting and educational hand-made article, for example, a poster illustrating the arrangement of celestial bodies in the solar system. In addition to the aesthetic component, such work will also perform the role of visual aids, helping the children to remember how the planets are called and how they differ from each other.

The necessary materials for making their own hands at the school themed poster

  • thick cardboard sheet
  • colored plasticine set
  • toothpicks
  • lentil kernels
  • millet and rice (croup)
  • yellow paint

Step-by-step instructions on how to make an odd job for schoolchildren in honor of Cosmonautics Day

  1. A sheet of thick cardboard very carefully smeared with black plasticine. It will be open space.
  2. From plasticine of different colors roll up the balls of the planets of the solar system, approximately adhering to their generally accepted size and color. For some planets, mix two or even three colors of clay. Earth to make in the form of a blue ball, and from above to stick green pieces of continents. Position the planets slightly curved next to the center of the picture.
  3. Make a comet out of yellow plasticine. To do this, roll a small ball and attach three flat plasticine bars to it.
  4. From yellow plasticine roll a large ball and place it in the lower left corner of the composition. Paint the toothpicks yellow and insert into the right edge of the large ball. This figure will be the sun.
  5. Underneath a number of planets lay out a rocket contour of rice grains.Inside of the lentil put a round window, and the rest of the free space of the body to fall asleep with millet.
  6. Take 15-20 wheat grains and scatter them all over the poster, thus depicting the starry sky.
  7. From the back of the poster, make a mount of durable twine so that work can be hung on the wall, door or window.

Simple crafts for the Children's Day of Cosmonautics


With children for the Day of Cosmonautics, you can make simple themed paper crafts, for example, bright rockets on sticks. There are no difficulties in making and the guys can easily cope with the task even without the help of adults. Then it is appropriate to decorate the classroom with ready-made works: attach it to the blackboard and windows or put in cups with stationery. Such cute elements of decor will surely cheer up and create a pleasant, festive atmosphere around.

Necessary materials for children's paper crafts in honor of Cosmonautics Day

  • set of colored paper
  • scissors
  • simple pencil
  • glue (PVA and "Moment")
  • plastic sticks
  • colour pencils

Step-by-step instructions on how to make a paper out of colored paper for the Day of Cosmonautics

  1. On a sheet of colored paper of a bright shade to draw a space rocket in two copies and carefully cut each of them with scissors.
  2. Cut small stars out of shiny gold and silver paper and glue them with white glue on the front of the rocket base.
  3. From a paper of a contrasting color, cut a figure resembling the sun with wide, short rays and glue on the upper part of the blank.
  4. From white paper cut a circle with a diameter slightly smaller than the figure of the sun. Inside this circle with colored pencils to draw an image of an alien. Then paste the picture over the "sun".
  5. Turn the decorated part of the seamy side and with a glue "Moment" to glue a plastic stick to the paper. Firmly press it to the surface and wait until it seizes well.
  6. To smear the second fragment of the rocket from the wrong side around the edge with white glue and glue it to the back of the first fragment.
  7. When the design dries out well, you get an original and beautiful hack - a space rocket on a stick.

Children's crafts for the Day of cosmonautics from pasta - a master class with a detailed description


Following the advice of this master class, you can teach children to create interesting and unusual crafts for the Day of Cosmonautics from pasta. The material is very accessible and always at hand, and the variety of forms and configurations of pasta allows a small creator to show imagination and make a truly unique and original thing.

Necessary materials for children's crafts from pasta on the Day of Cosmonautics

  • pasta from various forms (tubules, shells, feathers, curls, etc.)
  • PVA and Moment glue
  • cardboard
  • cover from under the box
  • blue spray paint
  • blue colored paper
  • yellow paint

Step-by-step instruction on the production of pasta from the pasta for the Day of Astronautics

  1. Cut out blanks from a sheet of thin cardboard: one is 30X40 cm in size and three is 20X15 cm. Minimize with a straw and glue so that it does not unfold. This will become the basis for missiles.
  2. Cut out four fragments from the remains of cardboard and make cones (one large and three small) of them, which coincide in diameter with the base of the rockets.
  3. Glue the “moment” a large cone to a large body, and small ones - to small ones and leave them for a while so that the structure grabs and becomes solid.
  4. Turn the cardboard cover and glue from the inside with blue colored paper, with a brush draw yellow dots or asterisks on it.
  5. To decorate the inner sides of the box with pasta curved or convex. To do this, use the glue "Moment".
  6. Glue PVA soak the base of a large rocket and lay it out with long and large pasta-tubules. Also arrange the bases of small rockets. For them, long pasta cut into three parts.
  7. Tapering parts of the rocket pasted pasta-shells. Place the kernels as close as possible to each other so that the coating is dense.
  8. When everything is finished, take a can of blue paint, process the rockets evenly from all sides and leave until the paint is completely dry.
  9. Inside the cardboard lid, which will serve as a stand for the composition, draw a circle corresponding to the diameter of a large rocket and glue it around the contour with pasta-shells. From above, glue a large rocket to them, and next to "put" three small glue on the glue.
  10. From pasta of different shapes with the help of glue to collect the figures of aliens and arrange them near the rocket.
  11. On the outer part of the large rocket lay a circle symbolizing the porthole. Let the composition dry well and put in a prominent place.

Crafts for the Day of Cosmonautics from plastic bottles - master class with photo


For school competition on the occasion of the Day of Astronautics or for a gift to a loved one, you can make with your own hands from plastic bottles a very interesting and unusual installation on the theme of interstellar travel. Work is not too difficult, but requires accuracy and diligence. The finished product turns out bright, voluminous and at first glance attracts attention.

Necessary materials for creation of crafts from plastic bottles on the Day of Astronautics

  • Plastic bottles - 2 pieces (one - for 1 liter, the second - for 2 liters)
  • White paper
  • holographic paper
  • scissors
  • ruler
  • simple pencil
  • eraser
  • PVA glue
  • Moment glue
  • markers
  • a sheet of black cardboard
  • set of paints
  • brush

Step-by-step instructions to a master class for making crafts in honor of Cosmonautics Day

  1. On a transparent 2-liter black felt-tip pen, draw two oval-portholes.
  2. Tape the entire surface of the bottle with pieces of white paper, except for the narrowed part adjacent to the lid and areas left under the portholes.
  3. The tapering part and the neck glued with holographic paper.
  4. Then cut out the narrow wings for the future rocket from the same paper and attach them to the sides of the ship with the help of PVA glue.
  5. Portholes to leave empty or to paste their portraits there.
  6. In a smaller bottle, partially cut out the middle part, and connect the remaining bottom with the narrower part and glue it so that the structure does not disintegrate.
  7. A wide part of the pasted holographic paper so that it covers the legs and formed a rounded dome.
  8. On a sheet of black cardboard to draw a cosmic landscape, depicting planets, stars, flying comets, meteorites and a piece of the globe.
  9. A rocket made of a large plastic bottle should be glued with “Moment” glue in such a way as to give the impression that it starts from the Earth.
  10. Attach a satellite bottle of liter bottle in the upper right corner. Leave the work for a while to dry. If desired, stick a loop of durable thread from the back side so that the picture can be hung on the wall.


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