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Credit card and a slice of bread: what does Olivia Wilde take for a walk with children

The actress, who recently became a mother for the second time, showed that without which she did not leave the house.

On October 11, Olivia Wilde and her husband Jason Sudeikis accepted congratulations: they had a daughter.

“A wonderful neighbor has settled in our house,” the actress joked, posting a photo of the baby in Instagram. “I was born on Daughter's Day, as I knew.”

Photo: instagram.com/oliviawilde

The girl was named Daisy Josephine. This is the second child in the family of a star couple. Olivia and Jason's first child was born in April 2014.

Now young Otis Alexander also has a sister. And their mother - a lot of extra trouble. For example, fees for a walk. Olivia seems to be getting used to finding the most unexpected things in her bag.

Photo: instagram.com/oliviawilde

“Be sure, I usually don’t leave the house without a credit card and a piece of bread,” the actress wrote under a photo of the contents of her oversized bag. Inside there is a wallet, toys, a water bottle, nipples, various small things that you can’t live without with your children. And hardly a piece of bread she put there herself.Rather, it is the antics of the elder - Otis Alexander, who apparently takes care of his mother and sister.


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