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Dakota Divorce Phenomenon: Why It Hooked All

Let's be honest: stellar breaks are so commonplace now that emotions do not cause them, but rather strong relationships. But discord in the Dakota-Sokolovsky family is discussed by people who were not at all interested in the circumstellar topic. Why?

Rita herself announced the divorce on her Instagram page. Capaciously and with restraint, she said that Vlad cheated on her “during a wedding, wedding, pregnancy” and even when she was in the maternity hospital. Cheated on girls with whom Dakota was familiar, casual acquaintances. And the couple’s mutual friends were aware of this, moreover, they let Sokolovsky with girlfriends into their apartments. Rita found out everything by chance, instantly filed for divorce. In response, Vlad demanded the division of property (read the link for details).

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That happens. But I, having read this news, was very upset. And then I heard her being discussed in the supermarket. And on the banks of the river. Girlfriends write: “Listen, I’m raising a strange topic, of course, but did you hear about ...?” Even my husband asked: “What about Dakota? Everybody talks about her divorce. ”In Instagram, in general, moaning and crying: Sokolovsky had to close the comments, because several thousand people wanted to tell him the truth about themselves.

Sokolovsky and Dakota cannot be called popular artists, but they are popular bloggers. Natives of “Star Factory” in 2015 played a very beautiful wedding. And in the fall of 2017, they gave birth to a daughter, Miyu. Each event was recorded in social networks. It was such a reality show. But you know what? Very sweet. It bribed. It seemed that the guys did not part: all the time by the arm, in an embrace. They supported each other’s projects, filmed vlog about unadorned family life, in which there was nothing to embellish: no quarrels, no PR at the expense of relationships. Mutual understanding and love. Both are young, beautiful, as in the picture, wise not for age, attentive parents. Talented. If this generation needed an example of perfect relationships, it was him. Here they are, real, lively: in space, video, texts. They looked at each other like that uh! This is not fake. It seemed that these two would die in one day, which is exactly forever. Even those who did not follow the life of artists and did not read the news of show business at all, here and there snatched these beautiful pictures. And clung to the eye.

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After all, it means that it happens.Here is this incredible love that ends in a happy ending. After all, we all want it so, but all the time persuade ourselves to be realistic. And here this couple of “neighbors' guys” gets dusty rose-colored glasses from the top shelf and gives them to us.

Sokolovsky did not just change Dakota. He did this from the moment of the meeting, without interrupting to events that are considered to be central to the couple’s life. That is, this is all the time when I held my hand, spoke important and looked like that, leaving no chance for suspicion to even appear. And we suddenly realized with horror that none of us are immune. Something that we women are so afraid of is much more real than we try to convince ourselves. You can believe as yourself, be sure that you have eaten so much together that you are now exactly one whole, to love and feel his love. BUT THIS DOES NOT MEAN ANYTHING AT ALL. His burning eyes are no guarantee of feelings. There are no guarantees at all. You can plan with him life and children, he at this moment can think over, in the apartment of which of friends is it more convenient to bring another girlfriend. It seems to me that all the women of the country, after reading the recognition of Dakota and this is her “spitting out words,” thought at the gene level the melancholy and pain of the woman whose world collapsed. They counted and tried the story on themselves.

Too perfect pair, too unbelievable reason for breaking. The traditional “do not agree on the characters” leaves hope, the story of numerous betrayals puts pressure on some deep pain points. It is terrible to learn, but not know for years - worse? Is it better to know or not to know? And if common children?

And here's another point: are your friends friends with you? Should you open your eyes to a deceived person if you are on the other side of the barricades? On whose side to become, in the end, in such stories?

All these stupid questions, for which there is actually no one answer, are screwed into the head against their will. You may not know who Dakota is, never hear the name of Sokolovsky, but there is no chance to get past this story. She is life. One beautiful couple fell from heaven to earth, yet another proof of the existence of “real” love went out to the grave. This is unbearably sad. But there will be a new day. And we will somehow learn further: we love, Dakota live.


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