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To be honest, everybody underestimates the power of . The general opinion doesn’t do justice to the incredible range of beautiful brunette hair colors. From caramel and honey to chestnut and mahogany, the brown hair color options are never-ending and outrageously gorgeous. Having a brown hair color might not help you to stand out from the crowd immediately, but there are some undeniable advantages that only brunettes have. First of all, let’s break the myth: Brunettes have a lot of (more) fun. They can experiment with makeup more than the blondes and the redheads for example. You don’t have to care about which colors you use or whether to go soft or bold when you have brown hair. Another important fact: Brown hair colors are incredibly low maintenance.

The brown hair color is sort of “one size fits all”. Other hair colors may not flatter every skin tone, but there is a shade of brown for everybody. Choose your favorable brown hair color with your complexion in mind. If you have a warm undertone opt for golden bronze, warm hair colors. If you have a cool undertone, sandy brown hair colors are the way to go. Opt for more ashy and lighter tones if you have a fair skin tone. Dark chocolate brown hair colors look amazing on olive skin tones. Sun-kissed brown hair colors will also look flattering on bronze or darker complexions. Keep in mind that you have to get a crazy spray tan if you are on the lighter side but want to get this hair color. The brown hair color options are endless, as you’ll see in the pictures below.

If you are busy women or just a minimalist, opt for only one shade of brown and dye your hair with it. You might want to consider professional hair colorist at least for the first dye. Although dying your hair by yourself isn’t a big deal, you may need an advice about the right shade. Be careful with darker brown options. If you dye your hair darker by accident, is hard to go back.

For those who want to spice up their hair color, highlights are the way to go. There are different techniques to get highlights in your hair such as ombre, sombre, balayage and more. There are many tutorials on the internet nowadays on how to do these things at home. Anyway, we recommend getting a professional help for such procedures. After all, everyone deserves to have a flawlessly dyed hair.

Video: Dakota Johnson Addresses Pregnancy Rumors

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