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Dangerous breeds of domestic cats

When we start a cat in the house, we usually expect to receive a kind and affectionate pet, who will delight us with his rumbling. However, there are dangerous cats. These include certain breeds that, without proper training, can pose a threat to children and adults.

Why are domestic cats dangerous?

To understand where aggression comes from in domestic cats, you need to turn to their roots. The fact is that distant relatives of our pets are predators. This means that a certain level of predatory aggression is laid down at their genetic level.

dangerous cats
Dangerous cats pose a threat to children and adults.
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Add to the genetic predisposition of a feline character - the love of freedom and independence, self-righteousness. All this gives us a very explosive mix, which without proper education can get out of control. The cat is not only the embodiment of natural grace, it is also a very refined deceit.

The most dangerous breeds of cats

Here are the rocks that are considered the most dangerous:

  • Siamese. The owners of Siamese cats, as a rule, constantly walk in scratches. If you offend the Siamese with something, he will not immediately attack you. He harbors a grudge and revenge when you are as defenseless as possible.
  • Mecogon bobtails. They are often kept in guard houses, along with dogs. These seemingly innocent, short-tailed cats can really bite hard.
  • Abyssinians. If you do not pay attention to them for a long time, they become wild and begin to scratch hard, even in the most innocuous situations.
  • Maine Coons. They are rather lazy, but if they get angry, then these fifteen-kilogram carcasses can cause very serious injuries.
  • British Shorthair. They only seem to be plush. If you try to cuddle the British, very quickly regret it.
  • Savannah. This is a smaller version of wild servals, so without further ado, their aggressive roots are understandable.

Do not think that all the described breeds will certainly begin to show themselves aggressively. In most cases, they will become your true friends. If a particular breed is included in this list, it means that you just need to pay special attention to it.

As you can see, not all cat breeds are equally harmless. Before you start a pet, learn all the features of the breed, carefully consider whether its character suits you. Even if you choose the kindest breed, be engaged in the education and training of your pet, so that it does not show aggression.


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