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Diet carbohydrate

Recently, various types of diets have become popular. But today we will not talk about all the diets that exist in the world, and we will only dwell on such a diet as a carbohydrate-free diet. But what is this miracle diet, and so it is effective, as they say famous people from television screens and covers of glossy magazines.

Carbohydrate-free diet. What it is

A carbohydrate-free diet is also called a keto diet. The essence of this diet is to reduce the consumption of not all products in a row, namely, foods containing carbohydrates. Also, a carbohydrate-free diet is called the Montignac diet (this is the nutrition system), but we are more accustomed to the name "Kremlin" diet. In the "keto-diet" there are both scientific rationales and logical ones - why can you eat that other product, and in the "Kremlin" diet and the Montignac diet use the categories of "bad" or "good" product. Although, in fact, it is important the amount of food consumed and the way of life that a person is on a diet, and not at all its name.

Carbohydrates and Diet

Proven scientifically and tested many timesif a person consumes a hundred grams of carbohydrates per day, he can still lose weight! The fact is that half of the carbohydrates are used for their work by the brain, and the rest by the muscles. If you want to try a carbohydrate-free diet, then you do not need to think that you will not eat carbon-containing foods at all. Not at all. You simply reduce your carbohydrate intake to one hundred or slightly less grams per day. But do not “go too far”, less than eighty grams per day - this is not enough!

Keto diet

We calculate the diet per person weighing seventy kilograms, aged from 25 years to 30 years. It is necessary to take into account the fact that if a person goes in for sports, then the amount of carbohydrates introduced into the daily diet increases!

For example, a person spends 2500 calories per day, but in order to lose weight, you need to consume only 2000-2100 calories per day. Then carbohydrates should be left at about 400 calories, fat in food should be no more than thirty-five percent, and everything else should be only protein foods. We will also give you another menu of this diet.

  1. In the morning. After half an hour, you woke up.
    • Three eggs fried in olive or pumpkin oil.One toast with cheese on rye bread, fifty grams;
    • Protein cocktail, perhaps milk, or specially bought in a specialty store, thirty grams;
  2. Happy After four hours after breakfast
    • Fry chicken breast, better than homemade chicken, up to two hundred grams;
    • Rice is not polished, one serving, thirty grams;
    • Homemade cheese, thirty grams;
  3. At 16.00.
    • The cocktail is the same as in the morning;
    • Two tablespoons of almonds or hazelnuts, you can cashew, but then you can only half a spoon, thirty grams;
  4. Not late evening
    • A piece of steamed salmon, one hundred and twenty grams;
    • Rice not polished, thirty grams;
    • Salad, greens, thirty grams;
  5. Two hours before bedtime
    • Homemade cheese, low-fat or 5%, thirty grams;
    • Casein, one serving, thirty grams;

All that we have listed will be approximately two thousand kilocalories.

What foods should be consumed

It is very important to eat rice, but not the one we used to see on the shelves of shops, but brown, that is, not polished, in which all the nutrients and healthy substances remained. You can also eat fish, cheese, vegetables, eggs, roots, meat. It is very important not to overeat even protein foods! And there are fractional, that is, five times a day, but in small portions.

We hope you enjoyed a no-carb diet.Her menu is demanding, so you can lose weight without much effort.


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