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Do women need equal rights with men

And when we get older, the princess must go in for dancing, and the future protector must fight or play football. And the society is ambiguous perceived girl, engaged in boxing, or a ballerin boy. And then you can continue with a long list in the style of "Men do not cry" or "You are a woman and a mother, you must comply." And what can there be equal rights? I am not talking about the right to elect and be elected, as well as the right to work, etc., I am talking about the way of life that we face every day in the family and at work. Why do we have equal rights with men? Do so many women want to become a bulldozer or go to serve in special forces?

Many girls, engaging in the ideas of feminism, are not fully aware of what they want and what will come out of their fantasies. Here is a concrete example from life, when my friend Svetka, through her struggle for equal rights with her husband, destroyed her own marriage.

In her rights and responsibilities included the farm, and in his - the extraction of material goods.But Sveta decided that it was wrong and he should take part in household chores on a par with her. Scandals were - Mama Do not Cry! Reproaches like “The whole house is holding onto me, and what are you doing?” Sounded constantly. To which the husband reacted wisely and acted according to the saying: “Listen to the woman and do the opposite.”

As a result, he was fed up with this state of affairs, he changed his job, began to come home at exactly seven, and on a par with Svetka do all the household chores. But in response Svetka had to get a job and, along with her husband, replenish the family budget.

Do women need equal rights with men

Do you think she liked such changes in life? No, equal rights and obligations in her fantasy world extended only to the household question, but not to the responsibility for the material well-being of the family.

As a result - a divorce, Svetka remained with her rights and two children, and now she has the opportunity to live without gender distortions.

In general, there are more questions in this topic than answers, and the truth is somewhere near. I am not a supporter of Domostroi at all, and I admit that in many areas in Russia we really have an abnormal bias towards men. For example, very few women in politics, on the career ladder girls more difficult to climb, and shouting "Baba words did not give" or "Women's place at the plate" rather annoying. But!

We girls should not fight for equality, but for respect - it is much safer to ensure peace in the family and the comfortable position of women in society. As French writer Gabriel-Sidonie Colette said: “Thinking about her great mind, a woman seeks equality.


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