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Doctors took pregnancy for SARS, and the woman gave birth in the bathroom

21-year-old Beth from the English city of Stoke-on-Trent got up at night to drink water, and met the morning, already being the mother of two children.

Beth Banford in his early years was already an experienced mother. The girl and her 22-year-old boyfriend already had two children: Elsa-May turned three years old, Elvira - two. And, despite the experience, Beth became a mother again quite unexpectedly for herself.

“I did not even suspect that I was pregnant. Monthly I did not stop, I especially did not gain weight, ”says the mother of many children.

Beth more than one week after the birth departed from surprise. After all, she went to bed with the mother of two daughters, and met the morning, already being the mother of four girls.

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According to her, she just got up at night to drink water.

“I was lying in bed when I felt pain. I did not wake Andy and went downstairs for a glass of water. When the pain intensified, I decided that I needed to go to the toilet.And I was still on the toilet seat when I suddenly gave birth. I did not have time to feel anything. I called an ambulance and they told me that I still needed to give birth to the placenta. I began to straighten up again - and a child was born, not a placenta. It was a real shock. It all happened so fast. One minute I was in pain, and the other I already had two brand new babies, ”the girl said.

The first was born baby Willow. Behind her - her sister Freya. The youngest half to death frightened her already frightened mother: the girl did not breathe. Fortunately doctors all this time remained in touch and told Beth what to do. Everything worked out - the baby breathed the air and screamed.

“In the hospital, I probably would have been given a caesarean because of Freya's pelvic presentation. And so I did it myself, ”smiles Beth.

It is interesting that during her unnoticed pregnancy, Beth visited doctors several times, thinking that she was sick, but no one recognized her interesting position.

“The doctors thought that I caught ARVI,” she spreads her arms.

Photo: facebook.com/beth.bamford.75

Her fiance Andy all this time, while Beth was giving birth and reanimated children, slept peacefully.He woke up when his exhausted mother was just sitting in the bathroom, clutching her newborns, and was waiting for the arrival of the doctors.

“When he saw me, he ran out, rushed to his mother who lives with us, told her that I was sitting in a bathroom with two children. She thought Andy was crazy, because we already had two children, ”the girl continues.

At last the paramedics arrived. First, they examined the babies and Beth herself, cut the umbilical cords, and then asked her for a pregnant card. And they were very surprised when they learned that Bet had no cards and hadn’t.

Mom and children were taken to the hospital. There they spent another week - it was necessary to conduct all examinations, tests, vaccinations. Everything was in perfect order, and Beth and the kids went home.

“During pregnancy, I led a normal life: lifting weights, dancing, doing everything that non-pregnant women do. In food, I am quite picky at the usual time. And if at work they found out about my situation, they would certainly have been fired. If I knew that I was pregnant, of course, I would have behaved differently. It is difficult for me now, but I am coping, ”she says.


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