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Electrofireplace in the apartment: the pros and cons

Electrofireplace can be installed in any room - whether in a private house or apartment. The advantage of this device, in comparison with other analogues of the design, is simply impossible to challenge. It is worth considering the positive side of this design.


Electrofireplace does not require such a large power consumption, as it may seem at first glance. It does not need fuel, as well as cleaning pipes or other costs.
Electrofireplace, even when it is built in facing, will cost cheaper, than a construction of the whole wood fireplace in the dwelling. Among the advantages of the electric fire should be noted and the relatively low cost of its operation. In decorative mode, this device consumes as many kilowatts as one electric bulb can take. And the care of such a model is only regular dusting. No need to clean the product from the ash, to take care of the removal of smoke.
The electrofireplace allows to receive almost realistic flame, therefore at once it is not clear that it is only a heater. The electric fireplace is easily mounted, it is enough to connect it to the power supply network, and then only to enjoy the contemplation of "flames". In addition, there is no need to coordinate on the installation of this design with special services.
This model does not heat the environment around itself, which, in turn, protects furniture from fire. In addition, modern manufacturers today offer a wide range of products in any variant, based on individual preferences and cash. The variation of the price issue is quite diverse.


The disadvantages of such structures include, first of all, the presence on the market of low-quality fakes of dubious production. And this, in turn, will affect the quality of work and the lifetime of the device. The lack of an electrofireplace consists in a sham of the real chimney design, therefore heating and functional characteristics of a product suffer.In such a fireplace can not throw real wood and hear their crackle, as well as enjoy the aroma of the resin of wood.
Although all these qualities, in principle, are relative. It is worth noting that the latest samples of electric fireplaces provide a sufficiently high-quality illusion of a real flame.

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