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Embroidery Patterns


Embroidery for beginners

Embroidery for beginners

Cross-stitch is one of the most famous and popular types of needlework. This passion soothes, this is a wonderful leisure. In addition, this is the real art, thanks to him, masterpieces are born. Compositions that are self-made

Angel embroidery - a toy on the Christmas tree

Gifts made by you, out of competition for friends and acquaintances. The New Year is magic and miracles, and this time causes nostalgia for childhood, for an easy attitude to life. Then you could spend a lot of time playing games, needlework,
Notebook decorated with embroidery

Embroidered Notepad

A creative person always tries to enclose a bit of originality in any gift. How can I turn a usual notebook for culinary records into a gift? To do this, you need the ability to embroider a cross and a little inspiration! The method described below

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