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Extend the hallway space with the right wallpaper.

The hallway is the very first room your guests get into. And already in her mind you can make a first impression of the house. Very often in typical apartments the hallway is designed on the basis of free space, and not convenience. Therefore, people often become owners of elongated narrow spaces. But the right wallpaper with a picture can help create beauty and comfort even in this small room.

Light walls for the smallest rooms

Unfortunately, if your hallway is very small, you will have to give preference to light tones. Plain wallpaper of pastel colors will expand the space, filling it with air and light. You can choose a light unobtrusive pattern.

Interestingly, you can look imitation brick or other textured material. But try to stick with light colors.

You can decide on modern minimalism, leaving the walls white or light gray. You can make one of the walls active by pasting it with bright or dark wallpaper.

Vertical stripes for low ceilings

Since the hallway often has no windows, a low ceiling here can create a feeling of pressure and heaviness. You can achieve a visual increase in the height of the room with the help of vertical bars.

You can combine strips with other ornaments, if the vertical accent is especially relevant in individual zones.

Graphic ornament for larger volume

For small rooms, the pattern should not be very large. A win-win option will be a monochrome gamma.

Graphics will be a great solution for the room where you need to place a lot of furniture. The walls will expand visually, creating additional space in conditions of low congestion.

You can use very bright colors, leaving a light base.

Small picture to expand the space

The safest option is a light background and a very delicate pattern. The classic flower theme is suitable, provided that the picture does not fill the entire wallpaper space.

A popular technique of classic style is the white fill pattern on a light colored background.

Wallpaper in rich colors

If you really like the wallpaper of a dark scale, make the floor, door and accessories light. Use the same techniques as with light wallpaper - small pattern, monochrome space.

Do not save on fixtures. Once you decided on the dark walls, choose large and powerful chandeliers.

Wall decor in a small room

Wall murals in bright colors are quite suitable for the hallway. But it is better to arrange them not the largest of the walls.

Wallpapers of bright colors can be used as a wall decoration (imitation of paintings or tapestries), leaving the main background light.

Use mosaic pasting walls. To do this, you can cut several colored wallpaper on fairly wide stripes, and alternate them among themselves. With sufficiently active colors, the decor will pull out the height, like strips.

You can use colored wallpaper and where there is daylight access, for example, if the entrance to the room leads directly from the street.

Well, if there is an opportunity to illuminate the room with a window from some adjacent room.

Do not give up the bright colors, if in your hallway there is at least a small window.


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