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Fashionable knitwear of this season (12 photos)

For quite a long time, knitted knitted models, which are the favorite elements of the wardrobe of many fashionistas, have become a worthy replacement for things from textiles. And this is not in vain, because modern knitwear meets all the requirements of the consumer, and also can boast of its attractiveness, convenience, a large number of models, both in color, and in terms of textures and models.

Fashion industry does not get tired to adhere to one rule - everything is cyclical. That is why, once a very popular knitwear, hand-made or machine knitted, is again confidently gaining its momentum in the fashion world.

You are probably very surprised when you find out that the representatives of the male half of our society were originally engaged in knitting, gradually transferring their experience and knowledge to all of humanity.

We see the result of their creativity themselves - a huge number of knitted hats, gloves, scarves, sweaters and even a coat are just a small part of what is currently being recreated with the help of yarn and knitting needles. Do you really imagine a cold season without warm and cozy sweaters and scarves?

The threads that are used to create fashionable knitted items are often very diverse in color and also differ in composition.

For example, in this case, woolen, synthetic, cotton and other threads are very popular, which may also differ in properties and value. They can be textural or monochromatic, have a smooth color gradient or smooth yarn, can be melange or with seals.

All this diversity allows you to create truly unique things, and if all this is woven into the creation of clothing with his own hands, then this is already a valid application for the exclusiveness of clothing.

No wonder famous fashion designers periodically process collectible things deliberately coarse and stretched loops. This is done in order to achieve the maximum man-made effect.

Popular options

The onset of heat is an excellent reason to dress in light and translucent dresses, in fishnet tops and the same shorts.

These models remain at the peak of popularity, especially for crocheted clothes, which can take the form of beach capes and swimsuits, special attention is paid to summer knitted dresses, which are made of lightweight and flowing knitwear.

As for colorings, the main trend of this season are delicate and pastel colors, beige, cream, coffee, but bright notes will also be present: blue, orange and yellow.

Of course, one cannot get away from the classics, large white or black knitting is always in fashion, it looks especially good on a tanned body. As for summer drawings, geometry is in fashion - stripes, rhombuses and wide blocks, asymmetry in all its manifestations.

Of course, the main direction of knitted things are the autumn and winter periods, when you especially want to be warm and comfortable, which, with ease, you can provide things from knitted knitwear.

That is why modern fashion designers are working tirelessly to create new and amazing collections, each time bringing something new to them, surprising with unusual combinations and regular fabrics-favorites. So, what things deserve the special attention of women of fashion in the coming season?

Especially popular in the coming season will be sweaters of free cut, in other words, in the oversized style, which means - a style in which things are several sizes larger.

If you do not like tight and narrow things, then such models are exactly for you, you can feel comfortable and comfortable in them, besides, such a thing will easily hide all the flaws of the figure, will add volumes where necessary.

The length of the sweater is at your discretion - from the shortest to the length of a nice dress. Oversized sweater is best to wear under leggings or skinny jeans, do not forget about the right shoes - heels. Such an image will help visually pull the figure, giving it slimness, avoiding baggyness.

The fashionable trend of this season will be sweaters that are decorated with complex textures: embossed rhombuses and braids, plaits and cones, and other intricate matings.

As for the neck of a sweater, pullovers that have a V-shaped neckline, as well as sweaters with a stand-up collar, will be particularly popular. High-stand sweaters are renowned for their comfort, they completely cover the throat, which eliminates the need to wear scarves and shawls.

The indisputable trend of this season will be knitted dresses, which will definitely not allow them to freeze, but at the same time they allow them to look very feminine and sophisticated.They are supplemented with knitted coats and cardigans, which can be made in a completely different design: long and short, with sleeves or without, the use of various combinations and inserts, for example, fur, leather or other fabric.

Especially popular are knitted coats with artificial fur on the collar. Such things have many advantages and advantages: they do not crumple, rush easily and comfortably, are distinguished by the fact that they can often be worn as independent things that do not require warm additions. Under them perfectly fit thin blouses and skirts, dresses and pants.


Small children are so helpless and fragile, they are so eager to protect them, to know that the baby is always warm and comfortable. For this function, warm knitted things are perfect, which I can not only warm, but also beautify the baby.

What are only knitted booties with their hands, which can have the most diverse forms - from high boots to low socks, which can be decorated with buttons, bells, decorated with drawings and embroideries.

Moms who are serious about their baby’s fashion can pay attention to crocheted items, such as children's dresses.Combined things look great, for example, a blouse made of wool, and a skirt is made from another handy material in the tone of the upper part.

Children's panama hats and hats, which are made by combination knitting, look incredibly, often they are completed with a dress so that the girl can look elegant and stylish. Very popular folk motifs in children's sundresses and dresses, decoration with flowers and wreaths.

Another novelty of this season for small fidgets are knitted dresses, tunics, which are completed with a small knitted handbag. You will be surprised how such an outfit can transform your baby.

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