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Fashionable oblique bangs and stylish hair with her (9 photos)

Sometimes in life there comes a moment when you want to change something in yourself and in your appearance, and the simplest option for a girl is to cut her bangs, if there hasn’t been one before.

Of course, it will be scary to cut the classic straight bangs on the floor of the forehead, besides, it goes far from everyone and not always, but the version of the oblique bangs is quite appropriate in this situation.

This option bangs very popular

It will give you the opportunity to feel what it means to “walk with a bang”, all its advantages and disadvantages, but at the same time it will be only a gentle addition to your image, and not a flashy step in the next style.

Of course, you can change the color of the hair, shortly cut your hair or increase the curls, but you can start with small changes that may well turn into something new and amazing.

Especially since oblique bangs are a form of haircut that goes to almost all, without exception, girls, it can be made long and short, straight or torn, with colored strands or in the tone of your hair, it all depends on your imagination and desire.

Such a haircut is chosen, as world fame, and ordinary people, and this suggests that the slanting haircut really has its own specific charm. And it is not surprising, because slanting bangs go well with most hairstyles and haircuts, with its help you can easily complement any image, giving it a touch of officialism or, on the contrary, romance and mischief.

Asymmetry is great

True, it is better not to make oblique bangs for girls with curly and wavy hair, since she is unlikely to be able to give the “right” look, she will constantly be disheveled and curl up, which will not be good for her mistress.

Of course, this can be fought with the help of an ironing and curling, but constant hair straightening can lead to problems with their health, so it is worth being careful with this. But the rest of the girls, regardless of hair length and face type, can experiment with oblique bangs.

Remember that its perfect performance, when the strands lie smooth, shine, do not crumble into separate parts and do not look whipped, disheveled. If everything is so, then it means that your fringe is cut absolutely right.

Face type and oblique haircut

To choose the right option for oblique bangs, it is necessary, first of all, to build on your type, and only then on your taste preferences.

As you know, the most successful face shape - oval - it is easier for such girls to choose a hairstyle or haircut, they will go great long oblique bangs, the ends of which can end at the height of the tip of the nose or chin. The same variants of haircuts are suitable for a square or rectangular face type.

Celebrities love oblique bangs

For girls with an oval or round type of facial oval, both short and long bangs can come up, but here you need to pay attention to the width of the face, in order to visually narrow it, you can use a long oblique bang, which reaches the chin.

A triangular shape or a shape in the shape of a heart requires a short, preferably not too thick, bang, it would be appropriate to have a perfectly even version, without any torn edges or strands.

Cute image

And in general, long bangs are ideal only for the fair sex with large and bright features. But girls with miniature and puppet features need short haircuts, as in thick and long curls, they simply get lost.

Oblique bangs perfectly fit both on long or medium and on short hair, its various long or short options can make your hairdo very unusual: sexy, attractive, and maybe even somewhat mysterious.

She is perfect for a short hairstyle.

Oblique bangs, which slightly reaches the eyelashes, “smooth out” the sharp features of the face, gives the image a delicate and neat appearance, and the facial features become much more expressive. Make sure that the oblique haircut does not climb into the eyes, it should look neat and appropriate.

How to make a styling for such a hairstyle?

In order to cope with your new image, you just need to get a good comb for styling, a hairdryer and any styling product that suits you best: gel, mousse, foam, varnish or hair wax.

To get a beautiful hairstyle, just sprinkle the bangs with styling, then smooth it with a brush along the graphic haircut line.

The hair dryer must be kept on top so that the air flows on the haircut from top to bottom. If your oblique haircut has a few torn strands, then give it an even greater effect of negligence, this image will turn out light and flirty. To do this, ruffle your hair, and then fix it with varnish.A few catchy strands that can be distinguished with a few drops of gel will do.

Original version

To create a romantic image, you can resort to another way of styling: with the help of curling. Of course, this option is suitable for long bangs, just wind a few thin strands with a curler, but do not forget to pre-apply the fixation tool so that your curls hold as long as possible.

The rest of the hair can be left straight or also slightly twisted, it all depends on your imagination. But for a square with oblique bangs, another method will work: we comb it back, we first apply a styling and fixing agent on the hair, then we dry our hair and constantly brush it on its side.

Very beautiful hairstyle

When the hair is completely dry, then fix the effect with a lacquer with a strong fixation. In this way, we get a very unusual and stylish hairstyle.

Oblique bangs that are decorated with colored strands look very stylish, of course, the most extravagant option is bright and rich colors, but thin strands differing only in a few tones will give your hairstyle additional volume and charm.

How to cut oblique bangs?

If you are not a professional hairdresser, and you have never done anything like this before, then it is quite possible that you should better postpone the idea of ​​self-cutting hair.

Very stylish look

An experienced master will be able to choose the desired shape and length for you, make it smooth or torn, and most importantly - it will look very stylish and elegant. But if you believe in yourself, then for this procedure you will need very sharp scissors and dry hair.

It is better not to cut hair on wet hair, because when the hair is dry, it will rise slightly and the bangs may become too short.

Determine with which side you should lie a new bang, and then pull the hair with a comb. Carefully measure the desired length, then grab the hair in this place with a comb and begin to cut it.

A good option

Scissors must always be kept at an angle of 45 °, then comb the hair with a rare comb and remove the uneven pieces that remained in the process of cutting. After the haircut, you can thin out the hair with special scissors, and you can leave everything as is.

If you practice just a few times, then trim the bangs will be much easier.Do not be afraid to experiment, however, everywhere have measure and caution, because, as you know, you will cut it off, you will not stick it back.

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