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Flower female happiness: how to care?

Igor Gorbatyuk
Igor Gorbatyuk
July 31, 2012
Flower female happiness: how to care?

There is such a plant, which is popularly called the flower "Women's Happiness". How to care for him? About this today and talk. After all, this indoor plant is very much appreciated among lovers of flowers for beautiful leaves and flowering. In order for the spathiphyllum (that’s how the female happiness is called in the scientific world) to be healthy and to delight your eyes, you should follow the basic rules for caring for it.


At a time when the spathiphyllum is blooming, it should be watered abundantly. You can either water the soil or pour water into the pot tray. It is impossible to flood the flower, so make sure that the soil dries out between the waterings. Water the plant should be water at about room temperature. Before this, it is better to defend the water for about 12 hours, no less. Regularly spray the plant with warm water, use for this purpose the usual "sprinkler". When the spathiphyllum blooms, try to water it so that the water does not fall on the cob.


Best of all, if the flower will be on the windowsill, on the eastern or northern part of your apartment. Penumbra, diffused light or artificial lighting will do. It is very important not to overdo it with the light, as well as not giving it to the flower. A flower will very quickly lose its beauty if it lacks light. The leaves will become faded, begin to stretch and shrink. On the other hand, if the sun's rays fall straight on the leaves, the spathiphyllum may become stained. This will be a kind of sunburn. Therefore, the golden mean is very important.

Room temperature

For the “Women's Happiness” flower, not only correct lighting and watering is important, but also the temperature of its environment. In spring and summer, the indoor temperature should be in the range of +18 to +25 degrees Celsius. In winter and autumn, temperatures can fluctuate. The main thing is that it should not be below +16 degrees. If the temperature is lower, the flower "Women's happiness" may simply not grow or develop. And may die. So take the temperature issue seriously.

Proper feeding

Top dressing necessarily need this plant, especially in the period of active growth and flowering. We recommend holding it about once every seven days.It is best to use mineral fertilizers and alternate them with organic. Feed up only after a plentiful polity. In the cold months you can feed no more than once every two to three weeks.


The flower is transplanted once a year, in spring. The pot needs to be chosen a little more than the previous one. It is better if it is wide and not very deep. At the bottom must be drainage. You can use the "universal" soil.

Here it is - the flower "Women's happiness." How to care for him, we told you. Now the main thing is to give it due attention. And then the plant will thank for its beauty, which for a very long time will delight you and your family members.


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