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Flower pot from a book

Flower pot from the book- almost every house has old or unneeded books in the library, in this master class you will learn how to find them an excellent application and make your own hands a book flower pot that will become interesting and unusual decoration of your interior.

Materials and tools:

  1. thick hardcover book;
  2. office knife;
  3. ruler;
  4. PVA glue;
  5. parchment paper or, better, plastic film;
  6. flower (it is better that it does not grow large so as not to replant), soil.

Step 1

Take a book and apply PVA glue to the pages on the sides of the book. This is necessary to keep the pages together and not falling apart.

Step 2

Take a book, flip through 2-3 pages and in the center of the book draw a square or rectangle - we recommend making a small square (rectangle) so the pot book will look better.Using a ruler (better than metal) and a clerical knife, we cut through sheets of a book, approximately, with a depth of 80-90% of sheets of a book.

Step 3

Now, from the resulting hole in the book, we indent 0.5-1 cm to make an indentation in the form of a "cone." Take the film and close the recess in the book with it, until we cut off the excess film, it is necessary to protect the book from the ground and water during irrigation.

Step 4

Let's start planting a flower in a book flower pot. If the book is thick enough, we will put a small pebble (gravel) on the bottom, then we will take the flower from its pot and transplant, if it is necessary to add more soil, press the soil firmly at the roots and in the corners so that no empty cavities remain and we will use the flower. / p>


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