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globe barConnoisseurs of the original interior design are constantly in search of new ideas. Increasingly, people tend to innovative solutions, but they always want to combine the aesthetic and functional aspects. Globes-bars and wall key holders have become such universal and unusual objects of interior design. The current designers widely use this latest trend in modern interiors. So, the globe bars, having entered into living rooms and study rooms, became a symbol of luxury and wealth. Made from precious woods, they best convey the sophistication of vintage style. Today, manufacturers offer us the following varieties of this piece of furniture:Floor globe bars that fit perfectly into spacious rooms. These products represent a globe standing on legs, with a place equipped for storing spirits and glasses.Below there is a small shelf with special openings for the neck of several bottles. One of the most popular models of outdoor items is the globe bar with an oval table, which makes it even more comfortable to enjoy hot drinks. Often products are equipped with wheels, which makes it possible to easily move them to any desired place.

Desktop globes bars are preferred by owners of small apartments. They are quite compact and easy to use. Conveniently placing the product on a cabinet or table, its owner can be content with an amazing geographical picture of our planet and enjoy your favorite drinks.

Wooden housekeeper - a pledge of order and peace in the house

However, not only luxurious expensive products create an original benevolent atmosphere in the house. Another item of interior that deserves special attention is the wooden housekeeper. Each of us is familiar with the situation when a lot of time and energy is spent on the immediate search for lost keys. It turns out that it’s not so easy to instill the habit of household members in putting keys in the same place.Such problems can be solved very easily by buying a special wooden box for storing keys. The clavicle in the house is not only an anti-stress product that will help keep the house in order and calm psychological atmosphere, but also the original interior. A product made of rare woods will serve its owners, as well as decorate the room. A variety of decorative finishes allow you to choose the most in harmony with the interior option. Make your home unique, exquisite and comfortable with the help of stylish, original solutions that modern designers offer to us. Your guests will undoubtedly pay attention to stylish interior items, and will repeatedly admire the refined taste of the owners.


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