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Grapefruit Mint Mojito

Grapefruit Mint Mojitois a Mojito recipe.


  1. 0.3 cup sugar;
  2. water 1/2 cup;
  3. mint leaves 1/2 cup;
  4. red grapefruits 1 pc;
  5. rum white 3/4 cup;
  6. ice 3 glasses;
  7. mineral water 1 cup.


In a skillet, bring sugar and water to a boil. Remove from heat, add mint leaves, close the lid and leave for 10 minutes. Filter in a bowl and cool.

Cut the grapefruit with long strips with a fruit knife. Put in a bowl and pour rum. Cover and leave for 30 minutes. Filter out. Carefully cut the segments out of the grapefruit, removing the membranes.

Put 2-3 segments of grapefruit into each glass, add 0.75 cups of ice. Separately, mix 3 tbsp. l. Roma, 2 tbsp. l. Mint syrup and 0.25 cup of mineral water, pour into a glass. Decorate with mint leaves.


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