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Have a dream in which you eat pickles

Most dream interpreters believe that the dream in which you saw pickles is a bad sign. You should not think so, because in a dream it all depends on small details, you can ск hide them with the help of dream interpretation.

Dream interpretation of Sigmund Freud

Freud's dream book clearly answers the question - what dreams of pickles. True, in his manner. To see in a dream a pickled cucumber or cucumber for a man is a sign of sexual impotence, a decrease in potency. This vegetable is associated with the male genital organ. Also, such a dream for a man means that he is passionate about self-satisfaction in bed, for a woman - a weak sexual partner.

English dream book

Judging by the English style of interpretation, to see in a dream salted cucumbers - to have good health, sick people who have seen a vegetable can hope for a speedy recovery. A single person will soon find family happiness. Pickled cucumbers stuffed in a glass jar - be careful when traveling.To cook something in a dream using pickled cucumbers - your culinary skills will be appreciated. Want to know what dreams, there are pickles - to failure, resentment, tears. Carry in your hands - to minor troubles that can be circumvented, if not to say too much, not to “run into” dubious affairs, to be careful in expressions. Buying pickles - a loss, sell - make a profit.

Russian people's dream book

Pickles in a dream - a sign that you need to focus, gradually go to the goal, to rethink their past actions, to draw conclusions from mistakes. If you show firmness and prudence, then success will be ensured.

To dream of pickles, in which there are cucumbers, tomatoes warn that it is necessary to pay off debts. If you miss the time, you will lose the trust and respect of the people who saved you in difficult times.

There are pickles in a dream - enjoy respect and honor among friends, relatives. You are considered a kind and sympathetic person, loved ones and friends love you, and are always ready to help.

Dream interpretation Shereminskoy

To eat in a dream salted canned cucumbers and feel that they are tasteless - expect trouble, trouble. Nothing helps to get around the problem, you have to be patient and wise, pull yourself together and experience what is written out by fate.

Crunchy pickles in a dream - to a lingering melancholy. The more they ate cucumbers, the longer the period of suffering and depression will last.

There are tasteless pickles - to the imminent disappointment of a loved one, which would entail longing, resentment, and emotional distress.


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