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Heart-to-heart talk: blogger Rita Nesterets

A blogger, a well-known adept and a supporter of a healthy lifestyle, Rita Nesterets told why she chose dry starvation for herself and how she helps to get out of the matrix and find a state of rest.

Rita, how long have you been leading a healthy lifestyle? What do you put into this phrase?

From childhood. HLS - is the most useful way of life that does not harm health. For twenty years, I have not eaten meat, gradually abandoned dairy products and eggs. For a long time I tried to give up bad habits and at the moment I reached the maximum in my desires. Of course, raw food did not come immediately. Just before she suffered from skin problems and could not get rid of rashes. I didn’t try anything until I realized that it was necessary to cleanse the body in a natural way, because acne says that, most likely, something is wrong inside.

Why did I choose raw foods? This food system completely excludes food that has undergone heat treatment: boiling, frying, baking, steaming, etc.It was this method that helped me clean the skin. Well, for the figure is also good. Of course, do not forget that everything is individual. What suits me does not mean that it will be good for you. But I recommend everyone to exclude non-natural products from their diet as much as possible. Believe me, the body will thank you.

How old are you? What is the height, weight?

I am 29 years old, height 186 cm, weight 60 kg.

Publication from Rita Nesterets (@ritanesterets)24 Apr 2018 at 3:03 PDT

Share your menu for the day?

As a rule, I eat when I feel the feeling of hunger. Just listening to the inner feelings. For breakfast, I usually eat a lot of fruit. I like to make smoothies or fruit salad. Lunch and dinner I always have almost the same - this is a big vegetable salad. In fact, I love fruits and eat them in any quantity.

But at least some indulgence allow yourself? For example, on a holiday you can drink a glass of dry wine or eat a piece of cake?

For me, there is no such thing. I just do what I want. If I do not eat cakes and do not drink wine, it means that there is simply no desire. I do not drink alcohol for many years. This is my choice, and I feel comfortable living like that. If you love sweets, eat, but just try to do it before 12 o'clock in the afternoon and choose healthy desserts. There is also a mass of vegan sweets, the same natural sweets.We are lucky to live in a time when there is almost everything.

How do you treat sweeteners? Do you believe that they really help?

When it comes to pills, I'm against. From vegetable analogues I can advise stevia - a substitute that is obtained from the grass. One bag contains a dose equal to two teaspoons of sugar. Therefore, if you can not drink unsweetened tea or coffee, then stevia to help. It is sold in many pharmacies and inexpensive. And I can recommend dates, they are very sweet.

They have been talking about vegetarianism for a long time, but fruitarianism is something new ... Tell me more about this area?

This is a vegetarian diet. In fact, you eat fruits, which, for example, also include avocados and berries. Ideally, there is first one kind of fruit, then another, without mixing them. Works monoprintsip. But I do not advise right now to run and abandon the usual food. To get started, just include more vegetables and fruits in your diet. This is already half the battle. They contain a huge amount of vitamins and microelements. These products really give energy.

Publication from Rita Nesterets (@ritanesterets)July 19, 2018 at 11:36 am PDT

You do not eat meat for more than twenty years. How did you refuse?

Just did not want, and still no desire. I do not understand why there is meat when there are so many products of plant origin with which you can quickly get enough. And yes, I feel sorry for the animals. By the way, things from fur and leather also do not wear.

You have a great figure. Tell me about the complex exercises that you do?

Thanks for the compliment. The main advice - be active. Less use a taxi, walk more, walk. Even the subway can play into your hands, because there are so many transitions. Personally, sport is always present in my life. For example, now I got into dance. Before that, she ran, practiced boxing, crossfit, and cycling. Usually I have enough for six months of practice with some kind of fitness, then I get bored and change to another. I recommend to choose what you like. People do not like sports, because they can not find what they like. Everything should be fun! Do not force yourself to go to the gym, if you can not tolerate it.

You practice starvation, and not even on water, but dry ...

Before you begin to change something in the diet, read the special literature, if necessary, consult with your doctor, and most importantly - listen to your own body.Personally, I was deeply impressed by the following books: Tony Zavast's “The Miracle of Raw Food”, “The Miracle of Fasting” and “The Truth About Water and Salt” by Paul Bragg, the “Mudless Diet” by Arnold Eret, “80/10/10” by Douglas Graham and the Norman Book Walker "Raw vegetable juices". If you are interested in this topic, the What the Health and Thick, Sick and Almost Dead documentaries are required to watch. Three years ago, I started with fasting on the water once a week. Then she tried dry, without liquid. I do not urge to starve for weeks, no. Even after one day, I felt light in my body. All purification processes in the body were launched.

How long have you been interested in oriental psychology and astrology?

I travel a lot. When I lived in New York, I just bought an unlimited subscription to a meditation studio to go there daily. Each teacher showed his technique. I tried everything, and when I understood the point, I began to meditate at home. Then she went to Vipassana, where we existed without phones, books, did not talk, only meditated for 12 hours a day. At the initial stage it helps a lot to break out of the matrix, but over time you come to the balance and just live in it.Now I do not meditate and do yoga every day, but at the same time I am always at rest. In fact, in the modern changeable world, it is valuable not to waste yourself on trifles.

Publication from Rita Nesterets (@ritanesterets)22 May 2018 at 11:47 PDT

What is your zodiac sign? How do you coincide with the description?

I am the Twins. Typical representative. Very sociable and creative.

You conduct psychological counseling. With what requests do people usually address?

I have my own channel on YouTube, where I periodically post different videos with tips. People usually ask to inspire them to change their lives. For example, they want to switch to a new type of food - to abandon animal proteins, but they don’t know how. I make step by step instructions.

Finished some courses in psychology? What is your education?

Yes, I am a graduate of the school of astrologer Rami Blekt. I also took courses in psychology. There is no higher education, but I don’t feel any gap. The main thing for me is knowledge, not pieces of paper and certificates.

Do you have a boyfriend?

Guy at the moment, no. I am single lady.

Do you like traveling. Where was the last time?

Yesterday I flew from Kiev, before that I was in Greece, in three days I will leave for St. Petersburg, then Sochi, Los Angeles, New York. Permanently traveling. This is a way of life.

How do you manage to always be positive?

I always do only what I want. Everything that surrounds gives a positive. This is food, and mode, and a change of scenery ... And if something hurts, I immediately pull myself up. Everyone can be sad, but it is much more difficult to work on yourself.


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