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Home-made book “About bread”

Today I want to share with all the interesting idea of ​​creating a book with my own hands. This manual will teach the child to appreciate bakery products and will introduce the process of making bread from grain to a loaf. For the base, I used thick cardboard. Sheet cut in half and cut the sharp corners to give a more interesting shape. On the left side of each sheet made two holes. For this I used a hole punch. Some sheets pasted with colored self-adhesive film to have a brighter background. Then I kneaded the salt dough made from flour, water and salt, with the addition of sunflower oil. And she began to model. On the first page I made a field and a tractor with a plow. At this stage, the field is plowing and sowing the grains.
 Homemade book About bread
The second page shows the process of germination of grains under the influence of weather factors.
 Homemade book about bread
The third picture is the golden spikelets of wheat.
 Homemade book about bread
The fourth page shows the process harvesting ripened grain and taking it out on machines.
 Homemade book About bread
The fifth illustration shows how flour is obtained from grain in a mill and poured into sacks.
 Homemade book About bread
The last page contains ready-made pastries.
 Homemade book About bread
When the dough dried, I painted the figures with gouache paint and covered everything with varnish. Then she connected all the pages of the book with the help of a lace. Children love to look at the pictures, feel the texture of the images and make a story about the process of growing and making various bakery products.

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