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Homemade cottage cheese cheese

When there is a cow in the household, then the problem of buying dairy products is solved for a long time. From milk in an ordinary kitchen you can produce everything, the basis of what it is. This cottage cheese, and butter, and kefir with ryazhenka. Cheese baked from cottage cheese with some additives is worthy of the best epithets. It can be both soft and hard enough. The second option will be great to cut a thin knife. For 400-600 grams. cheese will need: - 1 kg of cottage cheese; - 1 liter of milk; - 2 gr. salt; - 2 teaspoons of soda; - 100 gr. butter - 2 eggs.  milk
 cottage cheese
The cooking process is not easy and takes time and attention. 1. In the enameled small saucepan we fall asleep crushed cottage cheese cottage cheese, we fill it with milk. crushed cottage cheese curd 2. Warm the saucepan until the whey is separated and curd is poured into lumps.  Heat a saucepan 3.We throw the product on an iron colander with a fine mesh, wait a minute until the cessation of whey into the bowl under it is complete.
 Dropping a product
4. We shift the curd mass into an aluminum flat pan, add all the other ingredients.
 We shift the curd mass
add all other ingredients

5. We put the container on a small gas and at the same time carefully mix the mixture in it, trying to break all the lumps. It takes about 20 minutes.
 homogeneous mass
6. We prepare a container for cheese, lubricate its interior with oil and pour into it a viscous product.  cheese container For quick cooling of the cheese put the tray with him in the fridge for two hours. Everything, we coped with a difficult task - preparing natural homemade cheese. It can be spread on bread,cut cold and use when forming sandwiches.
 homemade cheese

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